Work not completing on time?

Work not completing on time?

10:22 AM, 9th January 2023, About 9 months ago 3

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Hi, I have provided a job for bathroom renovation. The guy took a huge advance of £3,000 two weeks starting work to order materials.

He initially said it will be completed in 5 days. But he started and did not come for 3 days and cited various reasons.

In 11 days over 3 week period he came only 6 days. Other days he cited some reasons for not coming.

He has invoiced me for £5,000 and it seems the work is dragging a lot. But he keeps promising will be done in 5 days.

What the best we can do?

Shall I continue with him or find another person? And it cost me a lot.

Please advise.


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Chris Bradley

11:36 AM, 9th January 2023, About 9 months ago

I personally wouldn't pay anymore till the job is completed.
It is however possible that the person will walk of the job and take any materials not nailed down with them.
This of course would technically be theft, but it would become a civil matter, argued through the courts. With your house insurance you might have legal expenses or a free help line to call for assistance


12:53 PM, 9th January 2023, About 9 months ago

For the future I would supply all materials from the list he/she provides after quoting in writing, which should be a simple, itemised schedule of works and specification (e.g. Remove all existing tiles and dispose from site/ Install Mira XYZ Power Shower etc). They are then quoting for labour only plus waste disposal (or you might deal with rubbish).
Secondly, I would get at least five quotations if they are providing materials and offer the job only on a payment on completion. Nearly all of them have credit accounts with payment not due until end of following month of invoice, meaning the "materials in advance"requirement is pushing it a bit, and you are risking what has unfortunately happened to you, should you find their work unsatisfactory. Be fair but very firm with them, or many will sense it and take advantage. Obviously there are also many highly professional and 100% responsible tradespeople out there too!
Sorry that these comments do not offer a solution as such.


10:59 AM, 14th January 2023, About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Chris Bradley at 09/01/2023 - 11:36
Finding tradesmen is harder than ever and I have been pressurised by a builder in a situation like yours. As a woman I’m seen as a pushover. But I’ve been a landlord for 25 years. A written itemised quote will always be provided by a trustworthy builder. How else would they know that they will make a profit? Guessing works against both the landlord and trader. In the most recent case, I was bullied hard by a builder who threatened to leave the job, insisted on more cash without work to justify it and many pressure tactics were used. It was unpleasant. Unluckily for him I have a stock of replies such as ‘Is your cash flow really bad?’ ‘Are you struggling to n pay for your brand new van?’ … neither of these are my problem … I pay in instalments for work completed as agreed. Finish X and I will pay you to that point as agreed. Walk away and I will hire someone else to complete the work and deduct for the time it takes him to pick up the work. The job got completed. It wasn’t nice and I didn’t use him again. I gave him a bad review. Stay firm and be fair. There’s are traders who will respect and work with you if you’re fair and reasonable, but don’t be messed around

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