Who are the best UK Property Educators?

Who are the best UK Property Educators?

0:02 AM, 1st February 2023, About A year ago 7

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I don’t have a lot of money but, I am passionate about property investment, development, flipping etc. and want to learn the following wealth-building techniques from the best of the best:-

  1. How to source and package viable property projects with a view to selling those deals on to other investors in return for fees
  2. How to put joint venture deals together
  3. How to attract investors into my business
  4. How to identify viable residential to commercial development opportunities
  5. How to make the most of networking events
  6. Affiliate marketing opportunities associated with property networking

Some people have told me that I’m wasting my time, but I have read several autobiographies of successful people who were repeatedly told the same things but went on to become world-famous in their businesses and careers in acting, football, singing, dancing and so the list goes on.

I’m not just some dumb ‘wannabee’ ripe to be scammed, I have skills, I’m reasonably smart but above all I have passion, tenacity and determination to succeed.

What I need is a good trainer/mentor and I’m sure there must be plenty out there, so please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance



We have satisfied ourselves the above is a genuine request and not a back door way for somebody to self-promote.

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We urge Jay and anybody else reading this post and any comments below it to think carefully and check any recommended mentors out fully, by obtaining as many references as possible, before parting with any money.

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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

23:04 PM, 31st January 2023, About A year ago

Hello Jay

I sincerely wish you all the best in your quest for knowledge.

A good starting point would be for you to understand the ownership structures available to make property investors tax efficient.

You may not be ready quite yet to form a SmartCo structure, but understanding how they work might help your credibility when you are talking to potential investors into your business, JV partners or the people you are hoping to sell your packaged deals to.

A good starting point would be to download our FREE eBook - please see https://www.property118.com/ebook.

For more bespoke advice you may wish to book a Tax Planning Consultation with one of our specialist consultants - please see https://www.property118.com/tax/book-a-consultation/

The best advocates of the Property118 tax planning service are our existing clients and their professional advisers. I am pleased to report that hundreds of them have already signed up to our affiliate marketing program and earn referral fees for making successful introductions.

We have just introduced a monthly Newsletter called "Property118 Inner Circle" which shares best practice tips from our most successful Introducer Affiliates. Membership of the "Property118 Inner Circle" is available exclusively by invitation.

For more details about our Introducer Affiliate programme please see https://www.property118.com/tax/affiliates/

PS - as the Founder of Property118 I must remain impartial, which is why I have not recommended any potential mentors by name to you. What I can recommend though is that you visit https://pibuk.org/about

Mark Lloyd

6:47 AM, 1st February 2023, About A year ago

Hi Jay, more than happy to have a chat and see if we can assist. If you click the link that Mark posted above you will find me although, here is the direct link to my profile


Rupert Chapman

8:43 AM, 1st February 2023, About A year ago

Hi Jay
Seven years ago, I sold my company and looked for investment opportunities. As I knew property would feature strongly it was an easy decision to pay the very high cost of a training course on offer.
At first the course was eye opening as it quickly described strategies and opportunities that were alien to me. However, after the first three days, I think the key information was communicated and subsequent long weekends were repeating the messages and adding detail which I subsequently forgot. I probably didnt listen too intently due to repetition and resultant boredom. The large cohort of students were mixed in both financial ability and core skills. Reflecting on it now, I consider it was not possible to teach effectively to such a room of over 100, when some had no money and had added debt for the course fee to their credit card and others couldn't calculate a percentage.
I was slightly uneasy about the “fake it to make it” attitude of the organisation. It suggested to me you can only be successful if you bend the rules or deceive other stakeholders, such as lenders and HMRC. Lots of focus on clever tips and tricks and I had been round the block enough times to know that being too clever can bite you hard.
The trainers were a mixture of investors from differing backgrounds, but many of the support trainers, had little or no experience.
I did start my investments in joint ventures with some from the front of the room with one particularly successful jv relationship. It was later that I found out the first property we bought was her first property. She has gone on to be very successful, so I am proud to have been involved with her in the early days.
My worst ever deal, which I am spending a lot of time presently (6 years later) mopping up and trying to rescue to some form of success, was done in joint venture and far too hands off from my side. The jv partner was a main front of room trainer and was hailed as the expert in that strategy (lease options). He was crowned the King of lease options within the organisation. The experience taught me a lot about joint ventures, when they work and when they should be avoided.
I appreciate that many organisations teach that property investors can cut their teeth and grow capital through sourcing. Personally, I think to do sourcing well, you need to have considerable experience in property investment and it helps to have infrastructure to include support staff.
I would argue it is best suited to people retiring from active investment than those starting up.
One of the main points I would like to make is that on a course, you will rarely learn the information you required at the time you need it. By the time you are active in the strategy, the information is either forgotten or out of date.
With this in mind, I started a small but personal low cost investment members group called Unity. We group chat once an week and all learn from each other. I am humbled by the wealth of experience across the membership, but newcomers to the field are also involved. What I have found is that everyone is an expert in something and by sharing what we are doing at the time, members are receiving direction and guidance from the group and this is influencing decision making, choice of professionals and trades and in many cases not to pursue the deal they are keen on!
I am proud that numerous members can point to the influence of the group in saving upwards of tens of thousands of pounds on their ventures.
Anyhow whatever you choose to do, best of luck. I know Mark who has posted above and hold him and his organisation in high regard, though I have not experienced the training.

Neil Stewart

16:56 PM, 1st February 2023, About A year ago

Hi Jay
I would be happy to have a zoom video chat with you and explore the possibilities:

You can book in a zoom call with me at :

Best Regards Neil

Henry Davis

11:55 AM, 4th February 2023, About A year ago

Check out:
The key to Property Investment - run by the National Residential Landlords Association.
Property Refurbishment is also run by the NRLA.

Steve Hards

12:31 PM, 4th February 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Rupert Chapman at 01/02/2023 - 08:43
Wise words, Rupert. I hope Jay pays attention to them.

Dan Brown

15:46 PM, 4th February 2023, About A year ago

Hi Jay,
I’ve been in property for about 5 years, full time for 3 and while I haven’t paid any big ticket prices for education I have joined many affordable groups that I’ve heard about through either recommendations or knowing the people involved. I’ve grown a portfolio from scratch with an average of 2 projects a year and plenty in the pipeline.
My top 2 at the moment are:
Unity, 90% online and run by Rupert Chapman who commented above. We meet once a week in Zoom to discuss and catch up on people’s successes, problems & just to discuss different aspects of property. Our members are made up of people who would like to get into property through to large developers with decades of experience. Discussions are started in the Zoom cafe and plenty are carried on outside of the group and sometimes in person. It’s an incredibly valuable resource.

Partners in Property (PIP)
Run by Sue Simms, Adam Lawrence & Rod Turner has a monthly all day F2F meeting in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester & London and there’s a wealth of knowledge & experience in the room. The morning is made of up of quality presenters and the afternoon is round table mastermind sessions where we get to quiz the experts on anything that takes our fancy.

Surrounding yourself with people who’ve walked in your shoes then taken the plunge to work in property would be a great inspiration for you as it was for me.

Hope that helps.

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