When tenants ask how much is the Council Tax

When tenants ask how much is the Council Tax

9:00 AM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago 13

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Council Tax can be a deciding factor to some tenants. When you rent out a property, tenants often ask what the council tax band is. They also want to know much they will have to pay.

There can be a big difference between say a Band A, or Band D property.

There are a couple of useful tools that you can use to quickly find out what the Council tax be will be;

  • This website lets you enter the postcode and will return the band and annual rating; http://www.mycounciltax.org.uk/content/index
  • Get and Iphone or Android App called > “Council Tax” (Free Download) – I love this and it’s great to use when you’re at a property viewing.

Try these on your own home now (you also find out your neighbours bands!).

The iphone/Android App will also tell you the monthly amount to pay. A good tip is to list the council tax band on rental listings, particularly for low banded properties.

Also remember to tell tenants that if they are a sole occupier, they will quality for a 25% reduction on the annual rate.

Council Tax CalculatorFinally, remember that as soon as a tenant leaves your house, contact your council to confirm that it is now vacant and awaiting repair works before re-letting. Most councils will exempt you from having to pay council tax for 6 months saving you hundreds of pounds!

Of course as soon as a new tenant moves in, make sure that you notify the council (and other utility providers). Do not rely on the tenant! They often “forget” leaving you with massive bills once they have left. It can be hard to remember who you need to update, but thankfully our systems are designed to do this automatically.

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Glenn Ackroyd

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18:18 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

In my experience, my local council only allows council tax exemption on an empty property just once. Although my property was empty for several months for re-furbishment before a tenant moved in the council would not grant exemption, as the property had been empty for six months before I purchased it, and the exemption was applied here.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

18:30 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Interesting, I've never had that problem. Which Council was that?

Sam Addison

19:07 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

I believe the exemption starts from when the property is empty. I took possession of a house a week after the previous occupant moved out and the council started exemption from when he stopped paying council tax on that property. Fortunately i managed to totally refurbish and tenant within 4 months.

21:48 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

It is a real problem if you have a property that has used 6 months of exemption up.
Remember the property must be unfurnished, so if there is furniture in there advise the council and the the CT bill will be for the previous occupier of owner.
Then you could use the 6 month exemption.If you know that the property will take more than 6 months to sort get the council down and they will give you a zero rating which does not come out of the 6 months exemption.
Things can go off schedule so always get the council down to inspect and zero rate under refurbishment requirements.
You have to do it this way as if you rely on the 6 month exemption you CANNOT then ask the council to ZERO rate as works are still carrying on.
Also there is a maximum alowance of ZERO rating you are allowed in the property ownership.
Always get the council down to ZERO rate then you won't have to worry about your 6 months running out.
This 6 months can then be used any time the property is vacant and UNFURNISHED.
I have never had the council come and inspect to see if there are any furnishings in the property whilst works or viewings are taking place.
Would suggest that curtains, blinds etc are kept closed to avoid council noses checking on the UNFURNISHED state of the property.
I have direct experience of these circumstances based on a flooding at my property.
Got the council down and they explained it all to me.
Furniture in the property in that situation is not an issue as you are NOT claiming the 6 month exemption, you are doing it under refurb CT rules.
It took 8 months to sort my flat out so I was relived I zero rated rather than just rely on the 6 month exmption.
Plus where would I have put all my furniture to qualify for the 6 month exemption as it has to be unfurnished.

22:20 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Sedgemoor District Council in Somerset

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

22:39 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Very useful post Paul, thank you.

22:39 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

The council were made totally aware that the property was unfurnished and still did not advise me about zero rating it. The property used up the 6 months exemption prior to my ownership, according to the council, so this could not be used again under my ownership. I was surprised by this but they were emphatic!

22:50 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

No exemptions apply per ownership of property.
so if the previous owner used up all exemptions and then say it is destroyed in a fire you qualify for all exemptions as you would be the new owner.
Your council is talking rubbish
ALL CT regs are the same
The Valutiuon Officer have to adhere to national standards.
Advise the council you will refer the matter to the CEO and if no joy refer to the Local Govt Ombudsman

23:09 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Not many are aware of this but come April next year ALL benefit claimants who receive CT benefit will have to pay 10-20% of the council tax.
This is just the start of things as councils will be responsible for deciding what level of CT assistance they will provide to benefit claimants.
Electorally for local voters what and who would they vote for; 1 who said we are keeping the library and swimming pool open and reducing CT assistance by 50% to benefit claimants or 1 who said no we have to close the swimming pool and library as we have to help the poor benefit claimants with their CT.
This reduction in CT assistance will have a massive effect on the viability of LHA/UC claimants.
So as well as reductions in housing benefit these claimants will have to start paying a proportion of their CT. Very worrying for LHA LL.

23:11 PM, 29th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Thankyou, I will do this and let you know the outcome.

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