When tenants ask how much is the Council Tax

When tenants ask how much is the Council Tax

9:00 AM, 29th June 2012, About 11 years ago 13

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Council Tax can be a deciding factor to some tenants. When you rent out a property, tenants often ask what the council tax band is. They also want to know much they will have to pay.

There can be a big difference between say a Band A, or Band D property.

There are a couple of useful tools that you can use to quickly find out what the Council tax be will be;

  • This website lets you enter the postcode and will return the band and annual rating; http://www.mycounciltax.org.uk/content/index
  • Get and Iphone or Android App called > “Council Tax” (Free Download) – I love this and it’s great to use when you’re at a property viewing.

Try these on your own home now (you also find out your neighbours bands!).

The iphone/Android App will also tell you the monthly amount to pay. A good tip is to list the council tax band on rental listings, particularly for low banded properties.

Also remember to tell tenants that if they are a sole occupier, they will quality for a 25% reduction on the annual rate.

Council Tax CalculatorFinally, remember that as soon as a tenant leaves your house, contact your council to confirm that it is now vacant and awaiting repair works before re-letting. Most councils will exempt you from having to pay council tax for 6 months saving you hundreds of pounds!

Of course as soon as a new tenant moves in, make sure that you notify the council (and other utility providers). Do not rely on the tenant! They often “forget” leaving you with massive bills once they have left. It can be hard to remember who you need to update, but thankfully our systems are designed to do this automatically.

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Glenn Ackroyd

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A mib

14:27 PM, 30th June 2012, About 11 years ago

The above link doesn't currently appear to be working...

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

14:53 PM, 30th June 2012, About 11 years ago

You're right, their entire website is down at the moment - what is this country coming to? LOL

21:49 PM, 30th June 2012, About 11 years ago

6 month exemption applies every time you apply, so you could have a tenant move in after you have had a 6 month exemption the 2 days later for whatever reason the tenant leaves.
You then can apply for another max 6 month exemption based on property being unfurnished.
You can have as many 6 month exemptions as you like.
It is not one 6 month allowannce for as long as you own the property.
I have had to unfortunately use these facilities with Southend and East Hertfordshire council
The only time I nearly got caught out was when I bought a property and then had exemption on it whilst I sourced tenants etc.
I nearly ran out of 6 month exemption but fortunately manged to get tenants in before it ran out.
These 6 month exemptions are or should very rarely be used in total as exemption is generally needed for refurb work, and then of course you should apply for ZERO rating.
Most exemptions are used when a tenant has vacated a property and you are waiting for a new tenant.
Even if this is for a few days you shouls still apply for exemption.
It keeps everything in the clear for future reference.
You never know when you might have to prove tenancy periods.
Tenants will try all sorts of tricks to stitch a LL up.
They have tried it on me but I was wise to their tricks and 1 ended up being arrested and hauled before a magistrates court!! and one is being prosecuted for CT fraud along with a host of other benefit frauds.

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