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Landlord Incorporation Explained On Video Interview With Ranjan Bhattacharya


This 10 minute video interview about landlord incorporation was recorded in April 2017, just before the doors were opened to what is believed to have been the UK’s largest landlord tax conference ever.  When you watch this video you will learn about the legislation which can mitigate capital gains tax when a landlord business is… Read more

I think our accountant may have messed up


I have been reading your Landlord Tax Tutorials with great interest since the beginning of this year. The penny dropped for me in one of the latest articles and I think my accountants negligence has resulted in my husband and I paying £5,000 a year more in tax than we needed to. I would be… Read more

Accountant Of The Year 2017 – Voted By Landlords


Do your accountants save you more than they charge you? Are they forward thinking? We want to know which accountancy practice is the best in the UK according to landlords and to give them the recognition they deserve. To achieve this we need your help. If you think the accountancy practice you use deserves to… Read more

Just Suppose


Just suppose you only had to pay corporation tax on your retained rental profits. This is currently just 20% and is due to be reduced. Just suppose you could restructure your rental property business so that it becomes unaffected by restrictions on finance cost relief. Just suppose you achieve the above for a total cost of… Read more

No Nonsense Tax Advice For Landlords


Section 24 Tax Problems – Will your mortgage interest payments be taxed? The following breaks down, into three easy sections, the important questions of whether your mortgage interest payments will be taxed from 2017 onward, and if so what you can do about it. Identify the size of the PROBLEM, if indeed there is one at all What… Read more

Must Read Book For Landlords -134 Pre-Sales Already


We now have 134 conditional pre-orders of our book “Our UK Buy-to-Let Tax Strategy” and we haven’t even finished writing it yet! The reason the pre-orders are “conditional” is that no money will be taken and the book will never be published unless we hit our £5,000 target of pre-sales by 23rd October 2016. The book costs… Read more

Landlord Tax Planning Software


The Property118 Landlord Tax Planning software helps you to consider the pros & cons of a variety of tax structures and the costs of implementation. It isn’t easy to find an accountant who is completely up to date with all the applicable legislation affecting the taxation of property investors. Even if you are lucky enough to have… Read more

New Tax Strategy For Accidental Landlords


For those new to buy to let and considering the letting of their current home, in order to buy another for themselves (usually at a higher price) there is a way to avoid the 3% SDLT surcharge on the more expensive property by following this strategy. Create a new limited company and sell your current… Read more

Complaint to the BBC on reports concerning tax changes for landlords


There was a piece on the BBC News channel last Sunday, 28 February, concerning the tax changes for landlords: It was shown at 07.28 and at 14.16, and presumably throughout the day. It propagated misinformation about the tax change, was biased against BTL landlords, and promoted a commercial alternative.  My detailed complaints follow. The… Read more

FAQ’s – Beneficial Interest Company Trusts


Beneficial Interest Company Trusts enable landlords to incorporate their rental property businesses without the need to transfer legal ownership to the company, hence there is no requirement to disturb existing mortgage and financing facilities.  What is the purpose of this strategy? To optimise the tax position of your rental property business in respect of retained… Read more


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