What’s your opinion on this? – Landlord’s Log

What’s your opinion on this? – Landlord’s Log

20:43 PM, 15th November 2011, About 12 years ago 5

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Just last evening I received an email from Mary Latham, one of our most popular guest authors. Mary copied me in to correspondence that she was having with a lady called Sue who is a member of a group called Teeside Landlords. To summarise the conversation, Mary was excited that other landlords were talking about her articles on Property118. One of the members of Teeside Landlords had emailed one of Mary’s articles to the whole group. Even though we can see that 1,000’s of people are reading our articles we never get to know who they are.

Both Mary and Sue have been landlords for several decades. Mary was urging her friend (Sue) to join in the discussions on her articles. They were also joking about how long they had been in the business.

Both ladies have a great sense of humour which is evidenced from a few quotes from the email I received ……

“Nice to see you at the NLA conference, I think that you and I are the “old birds” of the landlord world now.  We will have to start all of our sentences with “In my day……..”  hahaha”

“Look forward to seeing you again soon. We can have a zimmer race next time.”

“I am copying in Mark Alexander who is just a kid but I love his Property118 site where I blogged this – great service to landlords.  He will be pleased to see that the link has been mailed out because he is one of those kids who does everything on social media.”

Now when I tell you I’ve been in the business since 1989 I think you will see the irony in the last quote!

An extract of my response to Mary and Sue is below.

It just goes to show how these things spread like a virus doesn’t it.

I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jack or Sue before, forgive me if I’m mistaken Sue, but it just goes to show just how powerful social media is and how over 300,000 landlords have got to hear about Property118.

Keep up the good work Mary and thank you for your very kind comments. It’s been a while since I was described as a kid so I will take it as a compliment 🙂

Sue, we need a lot more experienced landlords to start commenting on Property118. Is there any way you can help with this please? We have plenty of readers but only a tiny percentage choose to comment. I think they must enjoy reading the experienced landlords posts though because that’s the only reason I can think of that explains why so many of them subscribe to receiving our free newsletters and use our Directory.

As Mary says, with only 22 years of experience of being a landlord I still have a lot to learn myself which is why I read every post and every comment that’s left. I learn many new things every day.

So the what I’m asking for I suppose is this; PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS

It’s not often thay I ask my readers for something but I am now. Please type the following in the comments box below “I promise to comment on Property118 articles” then use the SHARING IS CARING buttons to share this post via email, Twitter, facebook etc.

Thanks in advance for your support.

PS – I have sought and obtained permission from Mary and Sue to share their communications.

Mark Alexander
Mark and his family have been investing in property since 1989, initially in the Norwich area but more recently across the length and breadth of England. Mark created Property118.com as a social network for landlords with a vision of becoming the UK’s largest online property investor directory.
Mark’s experiences and strategies as a landlord are shared here

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7:57 AM, 17th November 2011, About 12 years ago

As a landlord with several properties and managing them myself I find Property 118 invaluable. All news & matters relavant to my business in one place!
Many thanks.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

8:47 AM, 17th November 2011, About 12 years ago

Thanks for being first to comment on this thread Nigel, hopefully the first of many 🙂

18:40 PM, 17th November 2011, About 12 years ago

I agree with Nigel.
I'm am an amateur landlord with one BTL property so I'm soaking everything up like a sponge!
Mark, just thought I say i'm also enjoying your youtube videos, I always give your videos a thumbs up and encourage others to do the same.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

19:22 PM, 17th November 2011, About 12 years ago

Thanks Nigel. You can also share them via email and on Facebook, Twitter etc. from Property118 using the icons just above the comments section.

Mary Latham

10:40 AM, 20th November 2011, About 12 years ago

Mark As you know I kept my head down for 39 years, just getting on with building my portfolio and being a good landlord. It is only since I found Property Tribes in August this year that I began to connect with other landlords online. I don't know how I find time but I do and Property118 is the first site that I visit after dealing with my dreaded emails!! I often read a blog and watch you videos but I dont always comment. When I first began to post I was a bit nervous that other people would not be interested in anything that I had to say but I have found that just "having the conversation" is worthwhile, even when its just chatting about the business - lets face it no one understands the job of a landlord unless they too are a landlord and its good to share. I honestly don't know now how I would feel if my internet connecttion went down - it would be a bit like being banned from the pub where all my friends drink.

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