View on flooring clauses in a tenancy?

View on flooring clauses in a tenancy?

9:31 AM, 23rd August 2021, About a month ago 22

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Hi, I have just been having a discussion with my wife regarding costs and tenancy agreements, and I am curious about what other landlords do. I have just completed inspections on my portfolio and one of my tenants has just asked for new carpets on the hall, stairs, landing and 2 bedrooms.

As we all know margins are minimal with selective licensing, EICR, gas Certs, insurance, mortgage costs and tax etc. I am keen to know if landlords take the stance of adding a clause in tenancy like council houses that exclude flooring for landlord responsibilities. Any views would be welcome.

The carpets they want to replace are about 6years old and from a new build that has foam underlay under, so they are good carpets and were only in the new build for a week as it was originally a friend’s new house.

It also is typical as I have just advised tenants of a rent increase before inspections.




by Paul Shears

14:15 PM, 29th August 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by at 29/08/2021 - 14:04
I always insist that the tenants pay for their own accidental damage insurance.
For a large detached four bed property this is only £60 per year in total
I insist on seeing it as a condition of the contract.
In 12 years I have had two claims.
One for £1500 and one for £300. Both claims were for damage to flooring. But you really do need to see the insurance and not take it on trust.

by Simon M

16:23 PM, 10th September 2021, About 2 weeks ago

The tenant wants carpets in several replaced - like others, I'm sure it's just a tactic to discourage the rent icrease. A lot depends on the condition of the carpets and how you feel about this tenant. I might counter that improving the standard of the property would mean the property would have to attract a higher rent.

Foam underlay does not gurantee quality and developers build to a price so don't expect developer-supplied fittings to last. Tenants are often hard on carpets.

My fitter said most of his landlords buy cheap carpets and expect to replace between tenancies, and a minority went for a 'stainfree' carpet costs a bit more but looks OK for 10 years. I have found no problem removing stains, but they still melt when tenants leave a hot iron or hair curler on the floor 🙁

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