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Paul Shears

8:58 AM, 15th April 2019
About 7 days ago

Theresa May announces she will ban section 21

Food for thought:
Some recent attacks by the British people on themselves.

1. The labour government want to give all tenants indefinite security of tenure.

2. Theresa May has announced she will ban section 21 notices, which take a minimum of five months to implement, (So-called “No fault evictions”) If the tenant gets the support of the local council the situation can drag on for a year. If the landlord makes a single technical mistake and does not follow the required process precisely, the whole thing has no real time limit. During this time frame, the tenant can cause thousands of pounds of damage to the property.
So, at best, now, if a landlord needs to sell up, he can't until the contract ends.
But the Gov't also wants to increase minimal rental periods to several years.
Obviously this takes no account of the landlord’s needs to adapt to the market place in order to survive or avoid total financial melt-down, let alone optimise the business.

3. We have a local council (in an area that is often regarded as having the highest quality of life in Britain), that is right on the very cusp of forcing people out of their homes, especially tenants. New, approved and very severe parking restrictions are being implemented. Visitors have, in reality, been banned by the local council for anyone with no private parking space or a single parking space. Many of those who wish to stay will have to seek permission from the local council via a licence at £70/Yr. There will not be enough licences for all existing home occupiers. Yes you have that right! The local government are making it literally impossible to own a car and live in much of the area.... Read More

Paul Shears

23:19 PM, 5th April 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Worried to call mortgage supplier over consent to let

"If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it."
Insurance for peace of mind only.
Halifax - leave well alone.... Read More

Paul Shears

9:46 AM, 20th March 2019
About a month ago

‘No DSS’ adverts in the private rented sector

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 20/03/2019 - 09:17
see my previous identical comment two weeks ago.... Read More

Paul Shears

12:53 PM, 9th March 2019
About a month ago

‘No DSS’ adverts in the private rented sector

Yet more empty headed government crap.
So I am to be denied the right to not waste everyone's time by making my tenant criteria crystal clear.
Fine you idiots!
So now I will just have benefit tenants applying who have absolutely no chance of being accepted.
Great! Well done bureaucrats!... Read More

Paul Shears

9:12 AM, 5th February 2019
About 3 months ago

Hamilton Fraser purchases TDS from NLA

MyDeposits was a very efficient and slick operation when I first started using them many years ago. Since then it has become a very burdensome bureaucracy. What used to be done with a single quick phone call wherein I gave direction to my "employees", has steadily developed into an expensive overhead that takes hours of work, multiple meetings with tenants at various locations which can drag on for weeks or even beyond the current regulations.
The "takeover" will inevitably make matters worse as the scale of the operation increases and I am forced to deal with yet more powerless process followers who, even if they have some judgement, are powerless to use it.
It's ever the decaying case in every walk of life in first world countries. Very few people actually do anything productive at all.
But increasingly this becomes more serious as when one is confronted with the NHS meat rack for example.... Read More