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Jessie Jones

22:03 PM, 9th August 2020
About 2 days ago

Tenant's rights after second joint tenant moved out?

It sounds very much like a new tenancy has been created, albeit one without a signed written agreement. By returning the deposit, the Landlord has accepted that the original AST has come to an end, irrespective of whether is was now statutory or contractural. By accepting rent after the end of the end of the tenancy, a new tenancy has been entered into.
The sensible way forward is negotiation between both parties and put the agreement in writing.. It would do nobody any favours to take this to Court.... Read More

Jessie Jones

23:11 PM, 2nd August 2020
About A week ago

Very weird legal letter about council tax arrears?

Local Authorities have discretion to waive the council tax for empty properties in certain circumstances. I have properties in Nottinghamshire, where the Council want council tax from me from the day a property becomes vacant. But I have properties in neighbouring Derbyshire where they will allow a maximum of 3 months of zero council tax in any year, which allows me time to do any repairs and find new tenants. You could try asking your local Council if they operate such a similar discretionary waiver.... Read More

Jessie Jones

9:29 AM, 11th July 2020
About a month ago

I told the police they were not allowed back to the property?

As a retired cop my knowledge may not be entirely up to date, but this is unlikely to have changed much.
A victim, such as yourself can ask the Police to impose bail conditions if they are charged. This could include a condition that prevents a person from returning to a property, and this often happens in cases of domestic violence, or to protect children, by way of example.
However, such a bail condition is temporary and only lasts until the next Court hearing, typically within a week or two.
The bail condition does not end the tenancy as it is temporary.
The person who has been charged can apply to the Court to have this condition lifted or altered, and this is an easy process for them and happens frequently.
Of particular note, if the person who has been charged pleads guilty, or if the case is dropped, the bail conditions are likely to cease to apply.
Even if the person who has been charged is remanded into custody or sentenced to prison, this does not automatically end the tenancy.
The Police taking the keys off them can probably be justified whilst he has bail conditions not to return, but if the bail conditions are removed, you will have to return them I'm afraid, and in quick time to if you want to avoid repercussions.
As with all things, there can be exceptions and variations as each case is treated on it's own merits. But 'not allowed back to the property' does not have any legal standing in tenancy law !... Read More

Jessie Jones

9:25 AM, 4th July 2020
About a month ago

2nd BTL 2 bed Vs 3 bed?

Families tend to want longer, stable tenancies. My target market is families so I would only buy 3 beds now. The 2 beds I have tend to have a much higher turnaround of tenants. There will always be exceptions, but this is my model.
If you are relatively new to letting properties, be wary of letting rooms to individuals as the rules regarding HMO's, licensing and council tax, can be quite complicated and expensive. Letting to families is generally more straightforward.... Read More

Jessie Jones

11:26 AM, 13th June 2020
About 2 months ago

Tenant withholding rent due to boiler problems

If it was the middle of a very cold winter, she was unable to use the property at all, and had to move out, she might well be entitled to withold the rent. But she has continued to live in the property so she is liable for the rent.
I would offer her a reasonable amount to compensate for her increase in electricity costs for each day, which might be a couple of quid, and then seek to recover any unpaid rent from her deposit. I have no experience, but I can't imagine any of the deposit protection schemes having issue with this.... Read More