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Jessie Jones

21:46 PM, 16th November 2019
About 3 months ago

Tell Licensing I'd like full refunds - I don't want the houses any more!

Mick, myown view is that Selective Licensing won't be around in it's current format for very long. In the first year they have 'issued' 4871 'draft licenses' and only 632 actual licenses. I think they were anticipating about 15,000 applications. So this suggests that they need to prosecute over 10,000 landlords for not applying for a licence. By not issuing the full licences they are missing out on about a third of the income. They have not rejected a single application on the basis of a landlord not being a fit and proper person.
Personally I will not be renewing my DASH accreditation as they intend to impose a renewal fee, and frankly the discount that DASH accreditation gives me on a Selective Licence; it just isn't worth the extra trouble. Easier to raise the rent to cover my costs. Admittedly, only one of my rentals falls within the scheme area, but I feel your pain as the application process is a bureaucratic nonsense.
Nor do I go to any landlording events now, as they have been hijacked by the Council for promoting their 'phone before you evict' schemes, or wanting to rent homes from us on the cheap to let to their own list of difficult tenants.... Read More

Jessie Jones

10:46 AM, 5th October 2019
About 5 months ago

Otherwise I am out of pocket?

Although a Court CAN make an award against the tenant to pay the £335 back to you, in my experience they don't. The Court system is very expensive to landlords, but can be free to tenants.... Read More

Jessie Jones

10:38 AM, 5th October 2019
About 5 months ago

AST for tenant's lodger?

A good tenant is worth a substantial discount in my view. And I also put a bit more effort into maintenance for tenants who keep the property in good order.
Be wary of losing a good tenant to get an increase in rent, as you don't know if the next tenant will be as easy to manage.
12% is a massive rent hike even if there has been no increase in recent years. You may already have upset the apple cart as your tenant will now be wary of doing repairs and maintenance to the house herself in fear of being turfed out if she doesn't acquiesce to some huge increase in the future.
Could you not agree to compromise by way of a 6% increase this year, with further annual increases in line with Consumer Price Index, or some other index, which would slowly improve your rental income, whilst still giving your tenant some surety?
Your plan to impose a lodger would worry me. It is an option that the tenant could consider to help her pay the rent, but not one for you to impose. Remember that you would become liable for the Council Tax, and not the tenants, if you have an HMO, irrespective of whether it needs a licence or not.... Read More

Jessie Jones

9:39 AM, 28th September 2019
About 5 months ago

Should I sell or risk tenants buying at undervalue price?

The true value of a property is simply measured by what someone else will pay for it at open market. A higher rental income will give any property a higher market value.
So the lesson here will be for landlords to increase the rent almost to the point where it cannot be let, but not quite. Maximising rental income will maximise value at sale.
And of course, the higher the rent, the more slowly that a tenant is going to be able to save their deposit.
So the consequences of such a Labour policy will be to increase rent to tenants. Another own goal by the Labour Party.... Read More

Jessie Jones

22:32 PM, 12th September 2019
About 5 months ago

Selective Licensing costs used for Nottingham Carnival?

Thought I'd see what else they've been spending out money on, so sent this today:

Freedom of Information request - Adverts paid for by Selective Licensing

Dear Nottingham City Council,
In your reply to Andrew Smith regarding the funding of the Nottingham Carnival, you identified that the Selective Licensing dept had paid £500 for an advert 'to raise awareness' at this event.

Would you please provide a list of any other payments made in excess of £100 by the Selective Licensing dept in respect of 'adverts' or 'raising awareness' in the period 01/08/2018 to 31/07/2019. Please identify the events or publications where such adverts appeared.... Read More