The truth about Nottingham Council putting private tenant’s rents up

The truth about Nottingham Council putting private tenant’s rents up

by Mick Roberts

Guest Author

9:44 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago 30

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The New tenant Tax Nottingham Council expects private tenants to pay-Selective Licensing

The truth about Nottingham Council putting private tenants rents up

  • Licensing cost £780 PER HOUSE
  • Accreditation cost roughly £100 per house
  • Electrical certificate £140 EACH HOUSE + average works per house £97 as stated by Government
  • Floorplans each house £30
  • Inventory each house £45
  • Average works per house to bring to Newbuilds regs: £1000

Total cost £2192 per private tenant-And council houses don’t have to do it-Why not? Who’s paying for this? ‘Cause I’ve been renting houses for 20years & when costs go up, the rent has to, to cover it

Payable UP-FRONT-Not weekly like the council will have you believe

Insisting on all tenants having a reference before giving them a house, effectively meaning a lot of Housing benefit tenants can no longer have a house-Where they gonna’ live?

Landlord has to criminal check himself

Landlord has to prove he has Right to live in UK

You rattle on about this £2pw. Your phone contract-Is it £20pm or do they ask for £1200 IN ONE GO AT THE BEGINNING?

Your phone company doesn’t say £20pm, then as they about to ship the phone out, they say Oh we want £1200 now from DAY ONE, UP FRONT!!!!

Please forward share video & text to all Private tenants & Landlords

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terry sullivan

10:01 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

i do not believe this is lawful

NW Landlord

10:24 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

It is legal extortion It makes my blood boil how much more can one industry take it’s getting beyond a joke something has to be done

Chris @ Possession Friend

10:33 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

I’m not aware of other Councils asking for floor plans and inventories ? So these aspects of their ‘scheme’ may well be ultra vires ( outside of their legal powers ) as some other authorities have been found to have contravened this and reigned in by the courts. Can’t recall which ones and for what, as it’s such a free-for-all with licensing at the mo.
If I can gather this info, I’ll write to DCLG asking for their guidance to L.A’s ( possibly prompting them to give some ? )


11:14 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

ECIR, PAT, CP12, EPC , Fire Appliance, Floor plan - Yes.
Inventory and reference
And license fees cannot make a profit. Its in the legislation. You guys South of the border, a bit behind the times. What happened here is a good barometer of what councils can and cannot do.

Abdul Khan

11:21 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by terry sullivan at 03/04/2018 - 10:01
Can we collectively challenge this? This is a tenant tax. Coupled with interest relief issue this is crippling.


11:54 AM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

No point protesting to the Councils, you need to protest to the MP and Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Gov - Sajid Javid . It is their ill thought policies and bureaucracy that is undermining the PRS.
They are taking a total Pi55 now as they know property is a fixed asset and cannot be moved/sold easily, nor kept empty, otherwise many landlords/investors would have put their money elsewhere where there are no such diabolical requirements and upfront fees for Selective licensing, for all 5 years! Indeed our blood boils and we are fuming, and tenants are not able to afford higher rents as no doubt tenants will be the ones who will have to pay for all these extras, this additional cost can only be passed on to tenants, so why not distribute leaflets and plan a campaign to educate tenants that what is driving property rents up is the Government policies and in particularly the local councils introducing Selective Licensing schemes, tenants should be made aware through publicity that such policies are driving rents up and does little to drive out a handful of rogue landlords and majority of landlords offer top class accommodation at very reasonable rents which are going to go up unless tenants oppose such schemes along with landlords.
These schemes are not necessary as tenants can now take individual landlords to court for componsation if their property does not meet certain standards and where a landlord does not carry out essential maintenance and repairs. Selective licensing makes no meaning, other than to generate revenue at the expense of tenants and landlords welfare. Sajid javid - you cannot go on milking money out of landlords any more as this would only cause more homelessness , you will be directly responsible for that where tenants cannot afford rents and are made homeless.


12:22 PM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

By the way good video and excellent effort in highlighting issues that will face tenants alike. Thanks Mick, I didn't see that before I posted my comments above.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

14:47 PM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago


The Court of Appeal has ruled very recently that Councils cannot use selective licensing conditions to impose new standards on private rented homes.


Good luck with your fight, we are behind you all the way.

Annie Landlord

14:56 PM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

Firstly, have these councils and the government learned NOTHING from the Grenfell tragedy? Any new safety conditions placed on PRS property should equally apply to all social housing too.
Secondly, I can't get a full electrical safety certificate done in my area for under £180
Thirdly, bringing a property up to current regs can easily cost a couple of thousand. Where on earth has the figure of £97 come from? That's less that a day rate for a qualified electrician

Larry Sweeney

19:27 PM, 3rd April 2018, About 6 years ago

Hi Nottingham Landlords.
I would consider coming and speaking to you if enough landlords expressed an interest. Yes the conditions are horiffic but dont waste your time engaging with these Zealots. There is more than one way of skinning the proverbial cat and this can be turned on its head .

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