Sourcing BMV Properties – Landlords Question

Readers Question - Published on 01/02/2013
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Hi Mark (and all Property118 readers who may wish to chip in with an answer too)

I am reading lots of really good articles on your website. Great information! Your article on Richard Baker inspired me to target Northampton, thank you for that.

I actually live in London and really only have Saturdays to travel to Northampton and view properties. I was considering locating a local sourcing agent to help me (I am keeping up with Richard’s recommendations). I read your article on sourcing agents and how some mortgage brokers don’t want to lend to people where the property has been sourced through an agent.

My question is, the article was written back in 2011, has this taken hold with many lenders? Apart from Estate Agents, where else would you recommend I source BMV properties in Northampton?

I hope you don’t me asking you these questions.

With kind regards





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