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5:08 AM, 16th October 2020, About 11 months ago

Service charge - Who is liable?

If your lease docs is silent on this issue, does your freeholder's insistence mean
1. The owners of the 3 flats wud still b responsible exclusively if they r 3 separate entities?
2. The owners of the other flats who use the other entrance(s) exclusively r responsible exclusively for their entrance ie that u r not?... Read More


10:40 AM, 22nd August 2020, About A year ago

A blanket eviction ban extension is unacceptable

I never bought this BS about helping tenents keep their roof over their head. Thats for them to work out for themselves and take respopnsibility for and for the government to educate and help them. I am in business to pay my bills and keep my family. I worked 24/7 for neigh on 50 years and have never asked for freebies. Neither do I feel it is my duty to help anybody pay their rent. My responsibility is to provide my customers with what they paid for - freely, responsibly, timely, honestly and to the best of my ability.

We have been luckier (or more prudent) than most over the 30 odd years that we have been landlords. Whilst we have sufferred the odd minor set backs like tenants leaving with our curtains, washing machine, couple of doors etc and only 1 major problem where it took us almost a year to get rid of a 'veteran pro' who disappeared owing £16k+ and a still ongoing nuisance court case by an ex tenant who left 4 years ago and now trying to claim £80k damage for the CCJ we got on her plus another £80k rent repayment - 4 times the total rent paid over the year she stayed. The fact that the court would even entertain such riduiculous nonsense means that we have to pay a lot of money (lawyer estimates £20k) to defend ourselves with little or no prospect of recovering any of that money if and when we win. And I still feel we have been 'lucky' - because of the onerous legal environment we have to operate under. How ridiculous is it that I should feel 'lucky' that not more people are thieving from us ?

If I dont pay my bills, I get taken to court. If I take anything from a shop without paying for it, I get prosecuted. Either way, I dont get to keep doing it. Not so in our business. The tenant gets to keep taking until a court says otherwise. And the length of time it takes to stop the thieving is nothing short of scandulous.

We all know "justice delayed is justice denied". Yet our government revells in it.

I can accept that somebody got to help the tenants fight their corner against rogue landlords but in their haste to provide justice for the tenants, they are creating an injustice upon the landlords.

Not all landlords are equal. The bigger ones can probably absorb the occassional knocks and put them down as part and parcel of the busiiness we are in. But what about the smaller landlords who cant afford to defend themselves or absorb the losses ? Some of them are being bankrupted and their life work ruined.

Not only has the government legalised this thieving under cover of Covid-19, it is legalising to prolong the thieving. The snail pace at which our court system works, the landlord could well have to wait at least a year before he/she can get rid of a none paying tenant. Worse, the court would have to put up all sorts of road blocks to slow down the process in order to cope with the mountain of cases thats piled up. I would predict at least 2/3 years for the court to catch up, if ever. The longer it takes to get rid of a non paying tenant, the more he/she owes and the greater the inability and the incentive not to pay up. All legalised cr*p curtesy of our government.

Whilst I am all for givng a man a hand to help him up when he is down, the responsibility to get up remains his. What is currently being done to the PRS is socialism gone horribly wrong. Not only are we made to give the man a fish, we have to keep giving and feed him as well.

These are the signs of a corrupt and decaying society. Not even sure that what our government is doing is legal. I think our government ought to be made to compensate all the landlords who have lost out due to their legalised cr*p.

I cant say we have sufferred any losses due to this legalised thieving, nor do I have the ability or the resources to take the government to court but I would gladly contribute if somebody is of a mind to do so.... Read More


14:38 PM, 22nd July 2020, About A year ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

Reply to the comment left by WP at 22/07/2020 - 12:46
Mind provide contact please?... Read More


17:07 PM, 1st February 2020, About 2 years ago

Sexual favours, no cuppa and fake emergencies

Too true. But if u pay by the job, they will cut corners.
Find yourself a decent tradesman n stay with him - easier said than done.... Read More


16:36 PM, 15th December 2019, About 2 years ago

Right to buy council flat - is it a good idea?

Success is 90% hardwork. Luck plays a part but it takes a lot or work and worries to get anywhere. Getting started is the hardest. 30s is probably the most difficult time in ones life journey - freshly out of 'life in rose tinted glasses', just into newly found responsibilities, not yet established and a whole future to work for. But fear not young lady. You sound like the kind whos not afraid to pay for what you want. I am sure in 10 or 20 years time, you will be looking back and say to yourself, 'Glad I done that'.

Wishing you good luck and, most of all, have fun while you are at it. And dont forget to take your man along with you - more fun sharing.... Read More