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14:38 PM, 22nd July 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

Reply to the comment left by WP at 22/07/2020 - 12:46
Mind provide contact please?... Read More


17:07 PM, 1st February 2020
About 6 months ago

Sexual favours, no cuppa and fake emergencies

Too true. But if u pay by the job, they will cut corners.
Find yourself a decent tradesman n stay with him - easier said than done.... Read More


16:36 PM, 15th December 2019
About 8 months ago

Right to buy council flat - is it a good idea?

Success is 90% hardwork. Luck plays a part but it takes a lot or work and worries to get anywhere. Getting started is the hardest. 30s is probably the most difficult time in ones life journey - freshly out of 'life in rose tinted glasses', just into newly found responsibilities, not yet established and a whole future to work for. But fear not young lady. You sound like the kind whos not afraid to pay for what you want. I am sure in 10 or 20 years time, you will be looking back and say to yourself, 'Glad I done that'.

Wishing you good luck and, most of all, have fun while you are at it. And dont forget to take your man along with you - more fun sharing.... Read More


9:38 AM, 15th December 2019
About 8 months ago

Right to buy council flat - is it a good idea?

RTB was started by Margaret Thatcher as a means to give the lower earners among us a stake in society. The thinking then was that people would act n behave more responsibly when they have a stake where they live. Irrespective of your political persuasion, there have been reports of council tenants who bought under RTB at huge discounts who became millionaires who then retired to Spain and councils left unable to replace these RTB properties which means less available accommodation for younger people. Admittedly, there are council properties where even the devil won't touch with a barge pole (but then they are precisely the type of areas which RTB was meant to make a difference), personally, I think it is a no brainer for the lucky council tenants in good n expensive areas - even if, as we all know, the cost of council maintained properties are usually much higher than equivalent ones in the private sectors because relatively speaking, compared to the amount discounted, that's just nit picking.

I, as a tax payer, applaude the principle of encouraging people to own a stake in society. But, also as a tax payer, again in principle, I resent my money being spent to make instant millionaires for a lucky few - that's just 'giving a man a fish'. As one human to another, financially, RTB is unlikely to b a mistake. The fact that you are being so cautious about the opportunity tells me that you are precisely the kind who Maggie wanted to help. Good luck.... Read More


9:41 AM, 16th April 2019
About A year ago

Tenant Fees Act 2019 – Draconian legislation

Brilliant n scary article.
This is the policy response of a government who can’t cope with its failure to provide housing for the masses. It is but a short term solution to deflect n to distract from their own failure. However, when policy makers go down a certain track, it will keep going in that direction until forced to change course which is unlikely to b any time soon - I thought this when Osbourne started LL bashing. It will only get worse whatever we do. It will likely get to a point where the PRS is totally dysfunctional n policy makers hv to reverse course bcos they end up holding the babies when PRS is decimated n they run out of scapegoats.
I see this as a natural course of government policy making and a natural consequence of treating the symptom instead of the source of the problem aka short term fix.
It will accelerate the exodus of LLs fr the PRS - more so the small LLs simply bcos they don’t hv the resources to cope with all these new legislations nor the pain that a single rouge tenant can do to his life : more regulation = less small operators. Everybody rushing for the exit is likely to mean a steeper market trending down.
From an investment point of view, getting out is probably the right market response for the smaller LLs (80% ?) but then it also presents an opportunity for the big boys who hv the resources to cope. For those who r too small to b big n too big to b small, it presents a dilemma : getting out is not without its pain n, more importantly, what do we replace our source of livelihood with ? For those who r thinking of holding on for the policy reversal, will the market stay irrational longer than we can stay liquid ?

Any thoughts of how to cope in the mean time anybody ? Perhaps AirB&B or corporate lets only ?... Read More