Which software company to advertise my properties through onto all the Portals?

Which software company to advertise my properties through onto all the Portals?

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10:13 AM, 14th November 2014, About 10 years ago 4

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I am starting up my own letting agency in the new year and would like to know how I go about advertising directly onto all the property portals.

I have searched the web but for some reason it seems difficult to find this information out. I’m hoping somebody out there can help me with this information.

Many thanks


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Chris Sheldon

14:28 PM, 14th November 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi David,

With software you have many options and its best to have a look around and see which interface suits you best, as you will need to know how to use all the features within it to get the most out of it and all staff will need to be trained to use it. If everyone knows exactly how to use the software then everything is alot more streamlined and efficient.

All decent software should have a facility to setup a feed to any property portal whereby you can automatically load all live properties at once.

If i can be of any more help then please don't hesitate to ask.


We use Rentman, but there are a lot of options

Chris Sheldon

14:41 PM, 14th November 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Chris Sheldon" at "14/11/2014 - 14:28":

Also, whatever happens, make sure you get a provider with a good support team. I cannot stress enough how may times you will need them!

Colin Belton

15:58 PM, 14th November 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Chris, I read two parts to your question. The first is on what website to advertise, and secondly, what lettings software to use. I spent a small fortune, when a lettings agent, on advertising. My best spends were with Rightmove.co.uk; zoopla.co.uk and google adwords. If you are in London there are other sites but I'm not familiar with them.

Regarding the lettings software to use and feeds to websites, I know Aspasia and WinMan do this. Not sure about Carl but it has gone through revisions, since I used it. You can read an assessment of lettings software at my site:
General: http://wp.me/p4ZeDJ-e6
Carl: http://wp.me/p4ZeDJ-ei
WinMan: http://wp.me/p4ZeDJ-es
Cloud vs Desktop solutions: http://wp.me/p4ZeDJ-ez
Aspasia: http://wp.me/p4ZeDJ-eL


Rob Crawford

15:41 PM, 15th November 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi David, I wonder if you appreciate the cost of advertising with the big boys Right move & Zoopla? Also 'On the Market' to be announced in the new year. The cheapest web site with software that up loads your own web site adverts automatically to these advertisers is available from Letting Vision, currently available at £325! This is a top end website and I have yet to see a better offer. Letting Vision also offer a letting agent start up guide. However, as I say you are looking at circa £250 (plus) each month for Zoopla and more for Right move with a minimum contract of 3 months (based on my last conversation with them). Gum tree is cheaper but does not have an auto up load capability. Before you proceed further it really is worth calling them and getting the latest figures and then checking they are affordable. Consider all your overheads and then calculate the number of properties you will need just to meet these ongoing costs. Then decide if a letting is really viable. Good luck.

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