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Colin Belton

22:04 PM, 5th December 2014, About 7 years ago

Can I end letting agreement if tenants threatening to leave due to complaints about letting agent?

Having been a letting agent, as soon as I read they mislaid the rent, alarms went off. That is simply not acceptable, they are not meeting their terms of business with you.

If you feel justified, simply hand the property to another agent, after doing due diligence, and tell the agent to meet you in court. They will not want to go there because they've broken the contract with you. I'm sure the tenant will stand as witness.

I've more extensive information on the relationship of contracts between agents, landlords and tenants at my blog which you can read here

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Colin Belton

22:25 PM, 18th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Feel this could end in disaster

If these agents aren't criminal then they are particularly incompetent. I wish I could say it doesn't sound familiar. Regrettably it is all too familiar. Though it is a bit late for my advice, but when looking for a property management company, landlords do not investigate the agents work practices. The certificates on the wall mean little. Property management companies should be process machines. Have a read at

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Colin Belton

16:05 PM, 14th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Council want to inspect my property

Like Mike I've attended many of these visits. Most important is to go, armed with as much proof of what you have done to address the tenant's issues. If the tenant is being vindictive then be attuned to the inspectors bias and adapt. It is a gamble when meeting these housing inspectors on what you will get. Sometimes they are very reasonable people other times they are political. I've written about this at my blog which you might find useful

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Colin Belton

15:58 PM, 14th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Which software company to advertise my properties through onto all the Portals?

Hi Chris, I read two parts to your question. The first is on what website to advertise, and secondly, what lettings software to use. I spent a small fortune, when a lettings agent, on advertising. My best spends were with; and google adwords. If you are in London there are other sites but I'm not familiar with them.

Regarding the lettings software to use and feeds to websites, I know Aspasia and WinMan do this. Not sure about Carl but it has gone through revisions, since I used it. You can read an assessment of lettings software at my site:
Cloud vs Desktop solutions:

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Colin Belton

15:52 PM, 6th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Do I set up a new Agency or Inventory business instead of investing in property directly?

Hi Callie, I would like to reiterate Steve's point on what hard work it is being a letting agent. I bought a franchise, grew it to three shops and then closed, to move the the US. It was lucrative but harder work, than the buy-to-let properties I own, which are managed by agents, and I do a day job.

I am not sure how much money can be made from inventories, as a stand alone business. My landlords, were not keen to pay for anything over and above the basics.
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