SEO Made Easy – Marketing Your Business Online

SEO Made Easy – Marketing Your Business Online

14:21 PM, 6th November 2012, About 12 years ago 20

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Mark Alexander, Property118 Founder

Mark Alexander, Property118 Founder

I have produced a set of training notes called “SEO Made Easy – Marketing Your Business Online”. It reveals the secrets you need to know to make your website more popular. This is not theory, we use everything contained in this document here at Property118.

After you have read my training notes you will probably know more about Search Engine Optimisation than the person who built your website. Perhaps more importantly, you will also know how to implement this knowledge yourself.

For a bit of fun, and to check that I know what I’m are talking about, try a Google search for “Business Lawyers Norwich” and check out the spoof business profile for Nickett & Leggett solicitors.

The SEO Made Easy PDF download explains:-

  • exactly what Google are looking for – it’s a simple filing system really
  • how easy it is to provide Google with the right information to rank your web-pages
  • how to rank your website pages on page one of Google for the search term you want to be found
  • the relevance of Page Rank and website links
  • how we persuaded over 700 websites to link to Property118
  • my preferred website platform
  • how to avoid the SEO sharks
The document also goes on to explain:-
  • What Google wants to see
  • Meta Description and Meta Title
  • Key Words in the first sentence/paragraph
  • Optimal page length and headings
  • Optimising Pictures
  • Why Google hates plagiarism and how they detect it
  • Keyword Density and Related Search Terms
  • Why many websites make much work and the alternatives
  • Relevance, Authority and Popularity
  • Making it all match up
  • Ease of implementation
  • My preferred website platform and plugins
  • Beware the sharks
  • The value of links
  • Google Page Rank
  • Why simple isn’t always obvious

As many of the readers of my articles on Property118 have business interests of their own I’ve decided to offer you a copy of the training notes I compiled whilst I was rolling out a major overhaul of a website for a group of solicitors. It will take you step by step through Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing in plain English. You don’t have to be an IT geek to understand it I can assure you. I tested it on the lawyers and many of them are not very IT savvy at all, to some of them a Cardex system is modern technology, others are a bit more up to date and have learned to use a fax machine! LOL

“But what does Mark Alexander know about SEO, internet marketing and web-development?” you might well ask!

OK, you know me as a property man. Therefore, I need to blow my own trumpet a bit here so please forgive me. The very fact that I teach Search Engine Optimisation to lawyers might give you a clue that I know a fair bit about the subject. It really isn’t a good idea to try to pull the wool over the eyes of a large group of lawyers!

My first business, which I built from scratch with initial capital of just £300, was ranked number 38 in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 in 2008, I retired from it in 2009. One of the main reasons it was so successful is that we used the internet to generate literally 1,000’s of leads every month.

To add some fun to the “SEO Made Easy” document and the training I provide to lawyers on this subject I created a web-page to demonstrate what could be achieved. You can find it by searching Google for “Business Lawyers Norwich”. The profile ranks number one in the search results, just below the paid adverts, despite the fact that it is a profile of a spoof law firm called Nickit & Leggett which is run by the two old men from The Muppets.

You will also find that most of the articles written on Property118 also appear on page one of Google searches based on the Keywords or phrases in the article title. However, if you think that an article title is the key to SEO I’m sorry to say that it really isn’t, it’s just a tiny part of what is required.

My SEO Made Easy PDF document is concise too – just 2,931 words on six pages.

My preference at this stage is for this information to be read and used by regular readers of Property118.  I’ve only advertised it here for now to gain testimonials so with this in mind I’m offering the download at a very low price. Once I have enough testimonials I might well stop selling the document and only make it available to delegates who attend my training courses which will be priced significantly higher. Therefore, if you want to be sure to get hold of your copy of this incredibly valuable information whilst it’s so cheap you really need to act now – see below.

SEO Made Easy - Marketing Your Business Online

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I only want happy customers. Therefore, to guarantee that you have nothing to lose I have decided to make this promise to you. If you are not entirely satisfied with the information contained in the document just email me within 3 days explaining why and I personally guarantee to refund your money, whether I agree with you or not.

To download your copy of my SEO Made Easy PDF document please complete the form below.

SEO Made Easy - Marketing Your Business Online

Yet to be convinced?

OK, here’s the introduction to give you an idea of the style of the document ….


Getting your business to show on page one of Google results for a specific keyword or phrase has become the “Holy Grail” for marketing departments of most businesses.

The methodology of achieving Google page one presence is surrounded by mystique. A common misconception exists that the Google algorithm is some dark kept secret, a code which geeks the world over are trying to break.

Nothing could be further from the truth but the IT industry don’t share this truth as it is not in their interests to do so. Anybody can download the Google algorithm from the US patents office and Google’s own Head of Quality (Matt Cutts) even has a You Tube channel which updates anybody who is interested on new or proposed amendments to the Google algorithm. Google want their search engine users to find what they are looking for with ease. The problem is that most businesses and the people designing their websites don’t have the slightest idea how to help Google to achieve their objective and there are others who try to beat the system so the algorithm has to be constantly updated, the basic rules very rarely change though.

Most website designers are exactly that – DESIGNERS. In most cases they don’t know the first thing about SEO, they don’t need to, they simply bamboozle small businesses with ‘geek speak’ and fancy brochure style websites. Just because a web-site looks nice and does clever things does not mean it will be found. Most websites I look at are like well stocked shops, full of bargains, yet located in the North Pole, i.e. they are rarely visited.

Learn how to massively increase the popularity of your website by downloading my SEO Made Easy training notes in PDF format. Do it now whilst you have the opportunity to get it for the special price available exclusively to Property118 readers. Simply scroll up to find the order form or scroll down to the comments section to add or read testimonials.

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7:58 AM, 9th November 2012, About 12 years ago

Mark's advice and knowledge of SEO has been incredibly helpful to us at Full Contact; we operate in a highly competitive market and our website has been able to out perform those of our competitors who have spent infinitely more money than we have!

Neil Patterson

15:17 PM, 9th November 2012, About 12 years ago

SEO made easy is everything we have learnt over the last 2 years condensed into 6 pages.
Now the real question is why we couldn't have started with the 6 pages 2 years ago. C'est la vie !

17:19 PM, 14th November 2012, About 12 years ago

I believe that Mark knows what he is doing with SEO and that “SEO Made Easy” would be a very good buy for any company that is committed to producing a quality website.

However SEO is all about allowing people to find the CONTENT you have, property118 does so well due to its content that people wish to read and come back again to access the fresh quality content. Don’t expect any SEO book or expert to provide a short-cut to the creation of your content. The web is mostly driven by people being willing to give away information for free, so as to build up a base of readers they can sell services or goods to.

Without the willingness to create and give away the information, SEO is mostly a waste of time.

Likewise it is a waste of time to create the best content in the world, if you don’t make it easy for people to find it – hence the importance of SEO.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

19:05 PM, 14th November 2012, About 12 years ago

Thanks for the compliment Ian.

9:05 AM, 15th November 2012, About 12 years ago

Mark definitley knows his stuff when it come to this, he has helped me and my business and i cant recommend him highly enough. This simple guide will help our business even further and im looking forward to implementing it, cheers Mark

14:39 PM, 15th November 2012, About 12 years ago

"SEO Made Easy" is a short and to-the-point primer on the often mysterious world of Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst one cannot expect to master all the subtle nuances of SEO in just six pages, Mark has done well to capture the essence of SEO using the 80:20 Pareto Principle: that is 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions.

Modern SEO is divided between on-site and off-site strategies. Mark covers 80% of on-site optimisation: things that you can do--right now--to improve your search engine ranking. Off-site SEO is explained too, with the main topic being explored -- earning backlinks from authoritative sources.

Being an "outsider" to Information Technology, Mark doesn't attempt to over-complicate his subject nor does he subject his reader to confusing technical language in his e-book. Mark has a useful ability for his reader: to take an often-considered technical subject, translate and distil the key points into a format that is accessible to most small businesspeople whose priority it is to actually run their business and not spend all their time getting bogged-down in the seemingly endless technology cycle.

As the organiser of Cardiff Internet Marketing, Wales's premier monthly Internet Marketing event, I am happy to recommend "SEO Made Easy" to those wanting to understand the key concepts of SEO in a short, easy to digest report that can be put to immediate use.

Even an old IT dog like me learnt a few new tricks from Mark!

18:52 PM, 16th November 2012, About 12 years ago

If you have a website and are wondering why you are not getting the results you think you should, then this if for you. SEO does not have to be difficult, follow the tips and it works!! Mark has been a great help and certainly knows his stuff about buying behaviour.. give it a go you wont be disappointed..

16:13 PM, 22nd November 2012, About 12 years ago

Thanks very much for your book Mark. It has been incredibly helpful and really opened my eyes to all the mistakes I was making with my own website! I am definitely going to implement your tips, hints and suggestions and make sure I get myself up those google rankings! Thanks again mate. Paul

23:47 PM, 30th December 2012, About 11 years ago

Thank you very much for this brilliant book, Mark! I would strongly recommend it to everyone, as it is packed with valuable tips and you do not need to be a pro to be able to use it!

17:35 PM, 9th March 2013, About 11 years ago

That's so true, most people buy a website thinking it will already be optimised but as you say most web designers don't really do much in the way of seo apart. A well optimised site can perform really well even without many backlinks.

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