Scottish Association of Landlords – dismayed by Shelter Cowboys Slur

Scottish Association of Landlords – dismayed by Shelter Cowboys Slur

12:29 PM, 10th May 2013, About 11 years ago 8

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Scottish Association of LandlordsScottish Conservative Housing Spokesman Alex Johnstone and the Scottish Association of Landlords have slammed the language employed by housing charity Shelter in its latest press release which called for letting agents to be regulated.

Commenting, Mr Johnstone said “It is ironic that Shelter uses terms such as ‘Wild West’, ‘cowboys’ and ‘flagrant disregard for the law’, when organisations such as the Scottish Association of Landlords, who also represent letting agents have been advocating change for some time.”

“Shelter’s use of such sensationalist language makes, in my view, sweeping and negative generalisations about the private sector as a whole. This kind of behaviour might well make vulnerable people fearful of seeking a home in the private rented sector, and it’s frankly not good enough. The fact is that the private sector is playing an increasingly important role in providing much needed accommodation, and they themselves are keen to provide a good and fair service.”

Chief Executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords John Blackwood said “For some time, SAL has campaigned for regulation of letting agents in order to protect both landlords and tenants. However we also recognise that many letting agents already offer good management services, ensuring that properties are managed properly and within the law.”

“Instead of indulging in this kind of negative sensationalism on the sidelines, I would urge Shelter to engage with those of us who do actually put roofs over people’s heads and see what we can achieve by working together in a positive and constructive way.”

Mr Blackwood concluded “It is disappointing that Shelter has seemingly abandoned its policy of working in partnership with the private rented sector in favour of demonising an entire sector where by far the majority of letting agents operate reputable businesses.”

Many members are expressing the viewpoint that SAL should take public action against Shelter. One letting agent who is a personal supporters of Shelter even saying he will now stop his donations.

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18:41 PM, 10th May 2013, About 11 years ago

Shelter have a very left wing, anti-landlord agenda. Although they purport to be, and are reported as being, a charity the totally non-objective content of their comments suggest they are clearly more of a lobby group whose sole rational seems to be to run-down private landlords.
Sadly, because they purport to be a charity, they get air time.

22:12 PM, 10th May 2013, About 11 years ago

Presumably their objective is the removal of all Private LL; then where will tenants live.
Didn't a certain social system do away with all LL...........................................that worked out well didn't it!!!??
I see Shelter's agenda as wishing to do away with ALL private LL and for everyone to be housed in faceless housing blocks paying rent to the state.
They basically detest the whole idea of a private LL.
Even though the vast majority of tenants appreciate the flexibility that gives them.
I'm sure these tenants wouldn't wish to live in some faceless block of flats.
They are being demolished in this country; nobody likes or wants them.

Vanessa Warwick

10:00 AM, 11th May 2013, About 11 years ago

I personally am sick of Shelter and their anti-landlord campaign.

They tar all landlords with the same brush.

They are alienating people! I used to be a tenant. Now I am a landlord. Does that make me different now?

I am sick of this "them and us" nonsense. I got on my soap box on Property Tribes a while back and wrote this post.

Private landlords add massive value to the PRS and provide a choice for tenants.

We are always targeted as "rich" and "greedy" but the majority of us are just hard working people looking to improve our lot in life and provide a high standard of accommodation for our tenants.

What Shelter should do is educate tenants how to vet landlords & lettings agents to find the ethical ones. That would be a lot more productive for everyone in the sector.

11:35 AM, 11th May 2013, About 11 years ago

I support shelter, for too long letting agents have been unregulated. Many but not all have ripped off tenants. Some are deeply involved in corrupt practices. I can't see why and decent law abiding land lord would be against regulation.

Colin Childs

15:51 PM, 11th May 2013, About 11 years ago

What's so wrong with making Landlord's accountable and professional in their dealings. Far too many amateurs in the business. Who have scant regard for their tenants. Too interested in lining their own pockets.

Joe Bloggs

15:09 PM, 15th May 2013, About 11 years ago

shelter are an absolute disgrace and should have their charitable status removed. have a look at this video 'starring' sean lock portraying a landlord as a psychopath:

17:54 PM, 15th May 2013, About 11 years ago

Sorry mate can you tell me why a LL would wish to be a LL for any other reason than for lining their own pockets.
That is the whole point of being a PRS LL!
That is the ONLY reason I am in the make as much money as I can!
Obviously I provide a service that is a good service and I expect to be paid for it that the market will support.
That my friend is know where investors choose to invest in assets that generate returns,
I have chosen residential property.
Other investors choose other asset classes.
With LL tenants wouldn't have anywhere to live!
Very few tenants could afford to buy....................................................................which is why they are tenants!
Don't imagine for one moment that housing costs would be affordable for most tenants.
That is why you need PRS LL.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

20:50 PM, 15th May 2013, About 11 years ago

Our mission at Property118 is to share best practice amongst letting agents and landlords. Am I daft for thinking that housing charities should be working with us?

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