Sale of investment properties – is there a specialist portal?

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18:08 PM, 27th November 2012
About 8 years ago

Sale of investment properties – is there a specialist portal?

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Sale of investment properties – is there a specialist portal?

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I have a number of investment properties in central London and I am contemplating selling some. There doesn’t seem to be any central portal (like Rightmove etc) for the sale of investment properties and the local agents that I have spoken to don’t seem to have much of a grasp,of this market.

Given the number of people investing in BTL, it seems there is a glaring gap in the market or I haven’t come across the appropriate agent / website.

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

I guess I should make the point that I want to achieve full market value for the properties and they aren’t distressed sales, so I think this probably rules out auctions.


Daniel Mitchel


19:24 PM, 5th December 2012
About 8 years ago

Thats the million dollar question! Any businessman would say = "as little as possible" !
There are many ways, internet sites to advertise property for sale, however none are unique to buy to let properties only. Having that would be your 'USP' so you would have a captive audience/market. But any business needs to be very competitive to get off the ground as Im sure you'll know. I guess its up to you to decide on a pricing structure and offer it to the market.
A percentage on sale price would be too hard to check on it would have to be either a fixed price, maybe one price per sale price band, or a percentage of the asking price.

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