Renting to Housing Association for refugees?

Renting to Housing Association for refugees?

11:08 AM, 19th March 2020, About 4 years ago 4

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I have been asked by a Housing Association to rent one of my properties to them. They will then re-let the property to people on their list.

They guarantee the payment of rent and will be paying approximate market rate.
They have also agreed that they will only let to a single family and not as an HMO.
They will take responsibility for internal repairs, gas certs etc.
Their tenants are refugees.

Does anyone have experience renting to a similar Housing Association and offer any advice and guidance, because I have not had any experience with this type of letting?

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0:06 AM, 20th March 2020, About 4 years ago


I have.

I have bought a house with this in place. The lease is for 3 years. The rent was and still below the market rate despit an increase after the first year. The rent is paid 6 weeks after is due. They do not pay it in advance. They pay it 2 weeks after the month has finished. When rent is due on 1st, it is paid on the 14th of the following month...

They send there engineers to do the Gas cert but they never tell you if this has happened.

I find the rent security with no gaps for 3 years is tempting. However, I have no control on who lives there or how they treat the place (the current tenants are very clean and looking after the place)

Also, while they say they would take care of everything, the lease that was signed with previous landlord states the opposit!

I made the decision to attend to all repairs and gas safety certificate as well as electricity testing. I have done this because I wondered that of something goes wrong due to a repair in the property, ultimately, it would be my responsibility as a landlord.

Therefore, once the lease is up by the end of this year, I am not going to renew it as much as I like the concept of guaranteed rent.

These are my thoughts. Others may have had a different experience to offer.

Ros poldermans

10:12 AM, 20th March 2020, About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by at 20/03/2020 - 00:06
You also have deduction for fair wear and tear
I kept the bills as low as I could but they cut it in half.

Mark Weedon

13:06 PM, 20th March 2020, About 4 years ago

You should also check your insurance covers you for this type of letting.

Judith Wordsworth

10:47 AM, 21st March 2020, About 4 years ago

I did this With South London Housing Association on a 3 year tenancy agreement ( it had to be their drafted tenancy agreement too) and I would say run away as fast as you can.

When I got the property back emulsion was slapped on the walls to cover mould, but they forgot to do behind radiators hence I knew, and It was so bad that the spores had gone into the plasterwork. Had to knock back to the brick and 6 tonnes of sand and cement before plastering! The lounge carpet had a circular burn hole in the centre of the room..... Cooking had been done on a primus stove and the oven and hob not used by the last of the rolling tenants. God knows what they used the bath for but that had yo be replaced as wouldn't come clean. New flooring as their su tenants didn't seem to use the shower curtain. Window gaskets and frames were black with mould too and all the gaskets had to be replaced. It cost me over £10k in 2006 to get the property habitable and the HA got away with paying £0

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