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0:06 AM, 20th March 2020
About A year ago

Renting to Housing Association for refugees?


I have.

I have bought a house with this in place. The lease is for 3 years. The rent was and still below the market rate despit an increase after the first year. The rent is paid 6 weeks after is due. They do not pay it in advance. They pay it 2 weeks after the month has finished. When rent is due on 1st, it is paid on the 14th of the following month...

They send there engineers to do the Gas cert but they never tell you if this has happened.

I find the rent security with no gaps for 3 years is tempting. However, I have no control on who lives there or how they treat the place (the current tenants are very clean and looking after the place)

Also, while they say they would take care of everything, the lease that was signed with previous landlord states the opposit!

I made the decision to attend to all repairs and gas safety certificate as well as electricity testing. I have done this because I wondered that of something goes wrong due to a repair in the property, ultimately, it would be my responsibility as a landlord.

Therefore, once the lease is up by the end of this year, I am not going to renew it as much as I like the concept of guaranteed rent.

These are my thoughts. Others may have had a different experience to offer.... Read More


15:07 PM, 27th February 2020
About A year ago

Fuseboard Confusion!


It is a Code 3 which advisory not dangerous or unsafe.

I have changed mine to metal to avoid any potential problems in the future such as : " You were advised by the professsional electrician to replace it to metal but you did not act on their recommendations" kind of situation... Read More


16:33 PM, 12th February 2020
About A year ago

Tenant refuses to grant access without paying him?

I suggest using a 3rd party service likd Viewber if you cannot get a trusted 3rd person to be there... Read More


16:10 PM, 15th February 2019
About 2 years ago

Three year Council Tax bill?

I find it hard to believe the Council waited for 3 years before chasing.
Where I am, they send the invoice. If 1st payment not received, a reminder will be sent. If this is not actioned, then either another reminder or a demand of full amount is made.
They usually send something every month in an escalating matter either to the owner occupier at the concerned address or to the landlord at his home address.
Has your friend registered the house with a council as BTL and gave them his landlord home address?
The only way this might arise if your friend lived in the house before letting it. Then friend moved to a different council area. Then the council was sending letters and reminders to the original address which got ignored by tenants. Council believed your friend to be responsible because their name is on the dead without a different address. Mind you, it would have got to the County Court by then.
So what did happen?... Read More


16:02 PM, 15th February 2019
About 2 years ago

Am I wrong to insist on signing a new contract in person?

I might be wrong here. I remember vaguely that signing a contract without money is not good idea even without keys given to the tenants.

The contract will create a tenancy. The tenant, at least in theory, can turn up at the door of the BTL property and get a locksmith to gain access and change locks.

What do others think?... Read More