Renters (Reform) Bill declared ‘Dead’ ahead of General Election

Renters (Reform) Bill declared ‘Dead’ ahead of General Election

9:41 AM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago 10

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The Renters (Reform) Bill is dead, according to various tenant groups.

The Renters (Reform) Coalition and Generation Rent, say the Renters (Reform) Bill is unlikely to pass before the General Election.

However, the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill will be debated in the House of Lords today.

Renters (Reform) Bill is dead

In an update to MPs, the Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt did not include the Bill among the legislation to be debated before Parliament is prorogued.

Although Ms Mordaunt confirmed that some bills are still under negotiation, she refrained from commenting on the fate of the Renters (Reform) Bill.

In her Business Statement to the Commons, Ms Mordaunt confirmed that the Finance Bill, the Digital Markets Bill and Post Office Horizon Offences Bill will all get time in the Commons before the election.

The Victims and Prisoners Bill, which will include mechanisms to compensate people impacted by the infected blood scandal, will be put before MPs today.

Tom Darling, campaign manager for the Renters Reform Coalition: said on X, formerly Twitter: “The Renters (Reform) Bill is dead. I’m still hearing that renters reform is out but leasehold bill is up in the air.

“The government are still saying that negotiations are ongoing but for renters reform I suspect this is about trying to manage the politics of having reneged on this commitment more than anything.”

Hugely disappointing

Reacting to the news, Ben Beadle, chief executive of the (NRLA), called the situation “hugely disappointing”.

He said: “If true, it is hugely disappointing that this Bill will not now make it into law. The news comes despite the fact that the Bill was in a state which would work for tenants and responsible landlords.

“There has been too much dither and delay in government, and a failure to be clear about how to ensure changes would work in practice. Critically, the market now faces yet more crippling uncertainty about what the future of the private rented sector looks like.

“Reforming the sector will be an important issue for the next government and we will work constructively with them to ensure changes are fair and workable. That means empowering tenants to challenge rogue and criminal landlords whilst ensuring the confidence of responsible landlords to stay in the market.”

Government has failed in its promise to renters

Ben Twomey, Chief Executive of Generation Rent, blamed MPs for the delay of the Bill.

He said: “Abandoning the Renters Reform Bill as parliament dissolves means the government has failed in its promise to renters at the last election to deliver a fairer tenancy system.

“If it had not been for delays caused by a minority of MPs opposing the Bill, the government could enter the election campaign with a new law to end Section 21 evictions and bring in stronger protections for renters.

“It now falls to the next parliament to start afresh and get it right at the second time of asking. Whoever forms the next government must make rental reform a key part of their agenda.

“This means proper protections from evictions when we have done nothing wrong, and limits on unaffordable rent rises so we can’t be turfed on to the streets at a landlords’ whim.”

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10:12 AM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

'at a landlord's whim'.

Liar, only a tenant or a judge can bring a tenancy to an end.

Ian Narbeth

10:22 AM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

Pace Tom Darling, the Renters Reform Bill is far from dead. Paradoxically, if Labour is in charge after the Election, the Bill may be passed sooner than it would have been under the current Government. The Bill is in a shape that Labour accept. They could pass it very quickly. The fear as I expressed in my article last week is that Labour will add bells and whistles to it.
On a separate note, I do wish that Ben Beadle would talk about challenging "rogue and criminal landlords" as often as the likes of Tom Darling and Ben Twomey talk about challenging rogue and criminal tenants whose number far exceeds that of bad landlords.


12:31 PM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

Can anyone predict what will happen immediately after the election? I believe Red Angela said she'd ban section 21 on day 1. Can she do that? Someone said that's possible under emergency covid law

Ian Narbeth

13:26 PM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

Reply to the comment left by JB at 24/05/2024 - 12:31It has always been possible for Parliament to rush through a law in a day.
I expect a flurry of section 21 notices to be served in the next 6 weeks. However, if landlords have not applied to court for a hearing following the service of a s21 notice, they may find that they are blocked. It is conceivable that Labour (assuming they win) will make the law retrospective so that no action can be taken in respect of a s21 notice served after a specified date in order to catch notices that are now served.


13:38 PM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 24/05/2024 - 13:26
'Temporary' ban on evictions can happen under the hangover the covid 'emergency' laws.
They can keep extending them as Scotland did until the 'RED' RRB is made law.

Below is an amendment from Pennycook to the original BLUE RRB!

The abolition of Section 21 to come into force when the Act receives Royal Assent, except that any notices already served on or before that date will continue to be valid – amendment 28.

So who knows. If I just had one property to let (48% of LLs) I would try to sell asap as CGT will shift upwards, 20% tax credit will be ditched as soon as Reeves has her 'Cost of Renting Crisis' emergency budget. That will halt LL sales (loss of PRS stock) almost immediately if CGT is shifted to 60% as Canada has just done.

Painful times ahead.


14:57 PM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

Section 21 now served - I could have held off but not any longer.


20:39 PM, 24th May 2024, About a month ago

This is not a time to rejoice, WHEN (not if) Labour get in the RRB will be a whole lot worse.


4:45 AM, 25th May 2024, About a month ago

The Leasehold Reform Bill has passed
The party ahead in the polls has stated that they will pass Rental Reform Bill in their first 100 days.
This is regardless of the Court Reform required to make it work in practice..
What property owner would start a tenancy agreement without clarity on the years of Court and Bailiff delays to get vacant possession...
Last one out, please turn off the lights.


7:34 AM, 25th May 2024, About a month ago

Reply to the comment left by PAUL BARTLETT at 25/05/2024 - 04:45I wonder what exactly they will pass - but I'm pretty sure Angie will want to ban s21 immediately without court reform.

Cider Drinker

8:47 AM, 25th May 2024, About a month ago

All parties say one thing when campaigning for an election. What they do is often something quite different.

Neither party will fix the problem.

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