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My article this time is more of an open question to which I would like your input. Background first.

I was listening to ‘In Business’ on Radio 4 the other day, a programme about something I had not heard of- the business concept of “Frugal Innovation”, currently much in favour with many huge corporations and even David Cameron.

The idea was first put forward in a book by the late C K Prahalad “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”. He took his inspiration from the ingenuity and inventiveness of the Indian rural population in devising solutions to problems in their community when the average wage is 50p a day. Hardly enough to allow them to go around making prototypes and also not a normal market for corporations looking for people to sell to. Continue reading Jugaad

Build-to-let Will Solve Britain’s Housing Needs, MPs Told Estate Planning, Latest Articles, Property Development, Property Investment Strategies, Property Market News

Build-to-let funded by private investors and pension funds is the solution to the UK’s housing crisis, housing lobbyists have told MPs.

Unlocking billions of private sector cash to invest in a house building programme together with the government’s new housing deal would meet the country’s growing need for homes, says the British Property Federation. Continue reading Build-to-let Will Solve Britain’s Housing Needs, MPs Told

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