Rayner’s no-nonsense warning to landlords using Section 21

Rayner’s no-nonsense warning to landlords using Section 21

0:05 AM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago 30

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Angela Rayner has accused landlords of using Section 21 “as an easy get-out to turf people out of their home.”

In an interview with ITV News, Ms Rayner slammed the government for delaying no-fault evictions which was first promised in 2019.

The Shadow Housing Secretary also said Section 21 is having a “devastating impact on homelessness”.

Landlords think they can get away with it

Ms Rayner said in the ITV interview: “Landlords that don’t act responsibly are using it as an easy-get out to turf people of their homes.

“I think the government has proven over the last number of years that they’re not serious about doing anything about it. Landlords think they can get away with it.”

Ms Rayner threatened landlords who use Section 21 saying Labour would abolish no-fault evictions straight away.

“You can see that through the evidence of the way in which Section 21’s are increasing. You can see that landlords think they’re emboldened.

“My message to these landlords who think they can use a Section 21 is: I’m calling notice on them right away.

“When we get into government, we’ll be making sure that legislation is in place so that we can protect people. There are ways that landlords can evict bad tenants, but it’s not through Section 21.”

Renters are getting turfed out

Ms Rayner told ITV News that while she sees no issue with MPs being landlords she raised concerns about the motives behind certain Tory MPs who are threatening to block renters’ reform.

“I don’t mind MPs being landlords, that’s perfectly fine, but if you are putting that ahead of actually doing the right thing for the country and doing the right thing for people who need that security when all the evidence says you should do that, then to me, I do have to then question their motives.

“Renters are getting turfed out, many people are losing their homes every single day under this legislation.”

Build more social housing

Elsewhere in the interview, the Shadow Housing Secretary said Labour would build more social housing. However, when pressed about how many social homes Labour would build, she refused to give a figure.

She said: “The government at the moment just keep plucking figures out of the air. They’ve never met a single one of their housing targets. I know why we are not meeting them at the moment.

“We’re not adhering to Section 106 compliance at the moment (which is a requirement to provide affordable homes within a private development).

She added: “Our unit that we are going have in government with specialists that can help drive up that level of social and affordable housing, so we get the proper contracts in place. And then also looking at how we can make that affordable homes grant more flexible, so we bring in more on side.

“I am more than confident we’ll do more than the government are, but I’m not going to put a specific number on it.”

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Fed Up Landlord

9:27 AM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

In the words of Ren'e Artois...

" You Stupid Woman"

The more you go banging on villifying and demonising landlords the more will issue Section 21s and leave the sector. Ideology before common sense. Ask what's happened in the wannabe
" indeepederrent Scartlaaaand.....

Freda Blogs

9:29 AM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Ms Rayner: here's a no nonsense warning to you:

S21 is not an “as an easy get-out to turf people out of their home.” It is a legitimate and legal mechanism for property owners to recover possession of their asset. Your ill conceived notions will be sending LLs to exit the PRS even quicker than they are going now, whilst they still can.

Then what? Do you need us to spell it out to you?

John MacAlevey

10:13 AM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

A car hire company owner is compelled to continue renting a car to a driver who trashes it daily, the owner cannot recover his vehicle because Rayner says so.


10:29 AM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

I suspect other agendas at play. If more section 21s are served now the current govt look worse. Small older landlords are already heading for the door. More homes will be snapped up by first time buyers or go to short lets and the holiday market. In towns and cities buyers are more likely than short lets. It could move the buyers from renters to owners. She appears to be saying affordable rather more than social now. Does it mean higher rents in the housing association market under Labour? Forcing builders to actually build the rental properties and hand them over to HAs and LAs could be good. The potential effects on house prices next to social housing? I also suspect they do not want SLs in the market but fewer larger organisations. As a SL it is none the less worrying.

Voice of a landlord

12:00 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Interested to find out how Labour are going to force builders to build more homes unless they give significantly more direct funding or tax relief.

Registered Home Providers simply are not building because of ROI are not there nor the labour.
Fundamentally is the issue between home ownership and renting. Is it realistic that everyone must be a home owner if not who should be.

Lastly HA and SL both use s21 which seems to be lost in the thick of things.

Reluctant Landlord

12:12 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Fred M BARRETT at 15/11/2023 - 10:29
forcing builders to build?

NO builder is going to build for no profit or a loss. End of.

Just like no landlord is going to rent if they can't get security of possession when needed. End of.

She is completely deluded. She been smoking something funny....????

Ray Lancaster

13:09 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Not one ounce of common sense this woman has. Blinkered.
Just a chav who thinks she knows best.
We’ll see what happens!


13:26 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Ray Lancaster at 15/11/2023 - 13:09
I feel sure there are lots of Corbynites lying low (for now) in the labour party that will be happy to support Ms Rayner.
Deluded in their thinking the that the PRS should do the job of social housing.

Peter Goodspeed

13:36 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Fed Up Landlord at 15/11/2023 - 09:27
Spot on buddy!!

Peter Goodspeed

13:40 PM, 15th November 2023, About 3 weeks ago

Labour are brain dead!!
All landlords want is someone who pays, yet all these rules see thousands of landlords leaving the sector & i don’t blame them.
Telling us what to do with our property & ruling it is unbelievable.

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