Problems returning DPS held deposit for deceased tenant?

by Property 118

7 months ago

Problems returning DPS held deposit for deceased tenant?

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Problems returning DPS held deposit for deceased tenant?

Last May, I received a call from my tenant’s ex-wife telling me that he had died. The following month, the tenancy ended and keys were handed back. The property has now been sold.

The one problem I have been unable to resolve is returning the deposit (in full) to the next-of-kin, his daughter.

I was told, during a conversation with the DPS, that she needs to submit a death certificate and a next-of-kin form (in the absence of a will). However, DPS are unable to assist with providing a template, or similar.

Confident that Googling would provide me with help, I searched the internet but, surprisingly, drew a blank.

I next decided to email my helpful and friendly conveyancing solicitor, but he replied that they had no suitable form and suggested I contact the DPS………..

I am quite sure that my ex-tenant’s next-of-kin would benefit from the money, though she has not made any great effort to retrieve it. Nonetheless, I would like to remove the “suspended” tag from the deposit, get what is owed to her paid out, and remove the property from my DPS account.

Any suggestions??



Neil Patterson

7 months ago

Hi Ian,

Do you know if the estate is going through Probate? Once the next of kin have those papers hopefully it should be easy to the n release the deposit.

Ian Cognito

7 months ago

His ex tells me there was no probate and he left nothing.


7 months ago

How about contacting a probate company and asking them if there is a template for next of kin (I assume the ex has or can get hold of the death certificate itself) or if not how to proceed?

Ian Cognito

7 months ago

Hi Eps. I don't know what you mean by a probate company?? I have a certified copy of the Death Certificate.

David Price

7 months ago

Yet another good reason why I no longer take deposits.
The more I hear of these schemes and the associated (no win no fee) scams the more I am pleased that I do not take deposits.

James Thomas

7 months ago

Hi Ian,

I can definitely help here.

I am the Operations Manager for the DPS, and I'd firstly like to apologise for any misinformation in this case.

We have a template which is designed for this exact scenario called a "Next of Kin Declaration and Indemnity form". We just need this to be filled out and sent to us by the Next of Kin, along with a copy of the death certificate.

Please email me directly;, so that I can send you the form. I'll ensure it is processed as soon as it is received to avoid any further delay.

Again, please accept my apologies for any incorrect information that was provided.


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