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James Thomas

15:16 PM, 19th January 2018, About 4 years ago

Problems returning DPS held deposit for deceased tenant?

Hi Ian,

I can definitely help here.

I am the Operations Manager for the DPS, and I'd firstly like to apologise for any misinformation in this case.

We have a template which is designed for this exact scenario called a "Next of Kin Declaration and Indemnity form". We just need this to be filled out and sent to us by the Next of Kin, along with a copy of the death certificate.

Please email me directly; James.Thomas@Computershare.co.uk, so that I can send you the form. I'll ensure it is processed as soon as it is received to avoid any further delay.

Again, please accept my apologies for any incorrect information that was provided.

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James Thomas

12:16 PM, 28th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Taking over management from agent closed 3 months into contract?

Hi Mike,

I'm the Operations Manager for the Deposit Protection Service, and I'd be happy to help you out with point 2.

As Paul K points out above, the process we need to follow depends on whether or not the deposit was protected using our Custodial or Insured scheme.

If the deposit is in the Insured scheme, then the Agent will have held the money themselves, in which case there's not a lot we can do as we're not in control of the funds. Your best bet here is to seek legal advice regarding the missing funds, but the Insured scheme does provide a contingency for this type of scenario.

If it's in the Custodial scheme, then we'd look to transfer ownership of the deposit to you. Ordinarily you would register and give your landlord ID to the agent, who would then be responsible for completing the transfer. However, if the agent is out of business, there is a process we can follow where we can facilitate the transfer of ownership of the deposit to you.

If it turns out that the deposit is in the Custodial scheme then you'll need to register as above: - you can do this by visiting http://www.depositprotection.com and clicking "Join", or you can call our Customer Service Team on 0330 303 0030 and they'll go through it with you.

In order to check which scheme it's in, just send the details of the tenancy to my email address, along with proof of ownership for the property in question, to James.Thomas@Computershare.co.uk, and I'll come back to you with next steps.


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