Petition against S24  – What are NRLA doing?

Petition against S24 – What are NRLA doing?

10:38 AM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago 6

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Hello, The petition against S24 is gaining momentum and needs more fuel to engage everyone to sign up.

Please contact your local estate agents to spread the word and ask if they can put a poster in their windows. It would be good if someone can produce and share one for us all to use.

Now, what has NRLA offered in support of this campaign? I’ve pressed NRLA over the last few months and they are not willing to raise the profile of this campaign with their members.

I have asked for an exceptional meeting of the NRLA executive board to discuss the issue, but not received a reply.

Surely as a trade association, the NRLA must have mechanisms for Members to call the board to account?

Anyone with answers to this do let me know.

Thank you,

Mr B

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Kodor Miah

11:37 AM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago

They must have an agenda which the government

Adrian Alderton

11:45 AM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago

I have heard the current and previous CEO speak at various events and they simply state that this battle was lost some time ago. Their priorities and energies are to focus on current battles such as energy efficiency certs and workable legislation/legal system around S21 legislation.
I'm not saying they are right just that its not up for debate with the government. My thoughts are that this will not get looked at until we are in much more severe housing crisis. Clearly the direction we are heading with landlords leaving the sector.

Luke P

12:03 PM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago

I've said forever and a day that the NRLA/Ben Beadle are controlled opposition/a plant/stooge whatever you wanna call it.

They mix something their members want (advice line & access to forms) with a mandate for lobbying however they so choose on their members' behalf.

Separate the two things out and see if you truly have the support of landlords for your policy activities!


12:14 PM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 24/01/2023 - 12:03
iHOWz seem more active campaigners for LLs Look at their campaign on MEES. They say it how it is without any soft spin.

NRLA are of no use like a chocolate tea pot. Look at the Rep of Ireland rental market which is in a very bad way They got rid of interest relief and they are trying to tempt LLs back via miserly energy incentives not overturning their S24.


14:02 PM, 24th January 2023, About A year ago

iHowz have submitted their budget considerations to the chancellor.

Repeal of S24 was in the list.

While the 50% increase over the month is impressive, we need all landlords and agents to sign.

Send the link to all landlords and agents in your contacts.

Anyone going to a PIN meeting this month should raise it in the elevator pitch session

Darren Peters

9:53 AM, 28th January 2023, About A year ago

In the pecking order of things the government is doing nothing about, people struggling to eat and heat their homes, NHS waiting lists, and strikes have a higher priority to be ignored.

S24 isn't going to be repealed before these things are addressed. When Labour get in it'll be even worse for landlords.

From the govts point of view, the headline,

"Landlords given tax breaks while tenants can't breathe in mouldy fleapits"

will lose votes while having no upside to the incumbents or their mates.

Don't get me wrong, it's not fair but it's not going away.

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