Mortgage Express want an account review – Readers Question

Mortgage Express want an account review – Readers Question

12:01 PM, 14th January 2013, About 9 years ago 14

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Readers QuestionsHelp! I have a Mortgage Express representative coming over for an account review!

Why are they are demanding a huge array of info from my entire portfolio, the 15 mortgages I have with them and the 19 mortgages I have with other lenders? They want evidence of everything I do make spend etc which has me worried about my own home.

Does anyone know what their intent is and what they can take hold of should they insist I repay their mortgages most of which are in negative equity due to recessionary factors not my immaculate lending and payment habits?

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Mark Alexander: I suggest you politely cancel the appointment and advise them that you already employ an independent financial adviser. MX have only one motive which is to encourage you to reduce your exposure to them. Providing you are operating your portfolio in accordance with their terms you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are certainly not obliged to meet them. If they believe you are in breach if their mortgage terms they may well put pressure on you but there is nothing they can do without a court order. The more information you give to them, the more likely they are to increase pressure in you to reduce your loans with them. Give them an inch and they will try for a mile.



21:47 PM, 20th January 2013, About 9 years ago

Hi Mark

Myself as well as Stan are a victim of John Stirzaker mortgage valuation fraud. I'm left with negative equity on all of my properties.
I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you, Your business partner, previous staff and the franchise company closing down. These men should have got life in prison for the stress that we are all going through due to the false figures that were made up.
Is there anything we can do about our properties with regards to Mortgage express???


by Mark Alexander

13:18 PM, 21st January 2013, About 9 years ago

Hi Kevin. Are you certain that you were a victim? If so, what did the Police say to you. I may be wrong about this but it was my understanding that Stizaker and Butcher committed these offences in order to build property portfolio's for themselves and a few friends and that the properties were confiscated as proceeds of crime. It may well just be that you purchased at the top of the market and that's the reason that you are now in negative equity. If in doubt I suggest you talk to the Police.


0:52 AM, 7th April 2013, About 9 years ago

Dont worry too much about meeting them. Best to just meet them have a chat , decide what you are going to tell them , and done for another year or two. The meetings are quite funny. They will ask you what you are doing with surplous money every month. They will ask you if you want to make overpayments etc etc !! At this point i just looked at the manager and asked if i had Father Christmasd printed on my forehead. Think he got the message, Most of these managers seem to have only been with them a short time, and the staff move around quite often in MX. Don't think they are very motivated themselves to be honest. Meeting is nothing to worry about just tell them what you want and if they are asking to many questions re spending habbits etc, dont be afraid to tell them where to go. As Mark pointed out , if your accounts are in order you have nothing to fear. I mentioned in my meeting, if you want me to leave that much bring my LTV's down to 75-80 % and i will go !! Got to be something in it for both of us. All the best.

by Mark Alexander

0:50 AM, 20th March 2014, About 8 years ago


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