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0:52 AM, 7th April 2013, About 9 years ago

Mortgage Express want an account review - Readers Question

Dont worry too much about meeting them. Best to just meet them have a chat , decide what you are going to tell them , and done for another year or two. The meetings are quite funny. They will ask you what you are doing with surplous money every month. They will ask you if you want to make overpayments etc etc !! At this point i just looked at the manager and asked if i had Father Christmasd printed on my forehead. Think he got the message, Most of these managers seem to have only been with them a short time, and the staff move around quite often in MX. Don't think they are very motivated themselves to be honest. Meeting is nothing to worry about just tell them what you want and if they are asking to many questions re spending habbits etc, dont be afraid to tell them where to go. As Mark pointed out , if your accounts are in order you have nothing to fear. I mentioned in my meeting, if you want me to leave that much bring my LTV's down to 75-80 % and i will go !! Got to be something in it for both of us. All the best.... Read More


18:45 PM, 6th November 2012, About 9 years ago

Tenants and Decorating - Tired of being a landlord

I would wait until you needed to do the work. However it is your property, and if for some reason you need to do the improvement it has to be done. If they don't like it tell them to move, they are on a good rent by the sound of it.... Read More


16:07 PM, 18th July 2011, About 11 years ago

Mortgage lending - the truth behind the statistics

Banks are still operating an unrealistic credit score system. If you have a portfolio in reality you will find it more difficult to raise finance if it is geared above 75%ltv.

What is great is that most of them have had help from the the public purse, which makes it even more frustrating. In the future the banks, if found to be reckless with their capital etc should go to the wall , like the hundreds of viable small businesses which have faced a lack of funding.

I hop[e these low interest rates are costing them dearly.... Read More


18:46 PM, 25th June 2011, About 11 years ago

MPs urged to vote for measures to curb landlords

Totally agree with above. Tenants have to take responsability for their actions. Hard enough getting some one evicted for not paying the rent. I would like to see this MP take a tenant to court for having a neighbour dispute. Perhaps if MP's spent more time in their constituencies speaking with people and bonding communities, solving problems rather than in their second homes things wouldn't be so bad !... Read More


20:28 PM, 10th March 2011, About 11 years ago

All about tenancy deposits

The Pendelum has swung too far the other way, in favour of tenants. Whilst i appreciate there were a minority of Landlords keeping deposits etc, these should have been dealt with. Instead legislators intorduce this scheme where by the Landlords are left high and dry. There are ways around this, i.e charging 2 months rent in advance, wording things differently e.g charging asn admin fee etc etc.... Read More