Mortgage Express instructed Valuations without my permission!

Mortgage Express instructed Valuations without my permission!

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9:45 AM, 19th March 2014, About 10 years ago 80

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Hi All,

Some of my Tenants have been contacted by a company called Landwood group. They are trying to gain access to the properties to perform a valuation, and have requested the tenants provide information regarding the Tenancy Agreement.

I have contacted Landwood, who said they where just the Valuers and gave me the name and number of their contact at Mortgage Express. What right do Mortgage Express have in this regard?

Has anyone else had such a survey and do you know what this is all about?

Should I be worried?

Landwood said that Mortgage Express should have contacted me, but I have received no letter yet.
FYI – I have 12 mortgages with Mortgage Express- all in Essex. I have never been in arrears, and the tenants are all long term.

Many thanks in advance.

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20:04 PM, 21st March 2014, About 10 years ago


MX have the "right to consolidate" and it is likely that any property with an MX mortgage that you sell would mean that they want any equity to pay down other MX mortgages.

The best thing to do is speak to your Area Representative and find out what they say as each person's circumstances are different and there is not a blanket answer.

Roger Lancaster

23:12 PM, 21st March 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Paul
I would very much advise discussing this as Vanessa suggests and any agreement you come to make absolutely sure that you have it in writing and that the arrangement is confirmed in writing by a senior manager within UKAR. Our PM says UKAR are quite willing to discuss arrangements surrounding the distribution of the proceeds so long as at least some of the funds are used to pay down existing debt. We have put a proposal to UKAR and are awaiting an answer. Our fall back position is to continue renting unless I have a cast iron agreement in writing and he is aware of this. As part of this we may be required to make regular additional contributions on some properties of our choice.

7:11 AM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

@Stephen King

WOW! That is some first post. Not a good one to wake up to either. 🙁

Forgive me, but all the powerful rhetoric etc. is a bit over the top and clearly designed to inflame and worry anyone reading this.

None of us think we own the properties. We knew we were taking out loans. The very word mortgage means "death pledge" after all.

When people stick to the Terms and Conditions of an agreement, they generally have a right to believe that the contract will be allowed to run without interference.

That is key to this whole scenario.

You say you are a victim of UKAR? If so, were all your mortgages squeaky clean i.e. no break of the T & C's , when they took action against you? This is a VERY important point you need to make known imho.

The link to the Rogue Male article is about someone losing their residential property, not BTL. There is no mention of whether the individual was in arrears or not. Why do you think it's relevant to post this link?

I would also be interested to know how you can help others affected?

Are you offering consultancy or an introduction to a solicitor who has helped other people fend off MX or something else?

You may be interested to know - and in the interests of balance - that a landlord on Facebook claims that he managed to fend off LPA by UKAR by taking legal advice and his mortgages are all unaffected and under his control.

Please understand that I am not discounting your input, I am just trying to qualify some of the things you have said as it is vital that only facts are dealt with to maintain clarity.

I would also be interested to hear Mark Smith's take on your many claims.

Stephen King

10:07 AM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Vanessa Warwick" at "22/03/2014 - 07:11":

@ Vanessa.

Morning all,

Vanessa, thank you for your post. I had hoped you would comment, have seen your work, you run an excellent knowledge pool. This is all about knowledge. When my family and business was decimated by the format described in this thread, I had 20 years of work, a £5m portfolio destroyed and pulled apart by one Bank, it was not UKAR, but they all operate from the same callous agenda.

Let's try to address your points with an aim to helping others, all with the utmost respect to everyone on this forum. The fear and stress created by this process arises from not knowing what to do and why it is happening.

1. In no way is my post designed to inflame any situation, and believe me, when you have been through the 6 years I have, this is no rhetoric. The LPA concerned is Vail Williams and the Bank, Bank of Ireland. However, this post, for those who do their research well, will seriously burst the fantasy bubbles they have been deceived into believing. It happened to me and many people I know.

2. Mortgage, yes death pledge. You miss the point, even when there is no mortgage, the property is not owned by you, it is merely held. You may be a home "owner", but you are never a "house" owner. For those who are interested to know why, make the effort and listen to Servant King, it's all explained there. Also Bill Turner on You Tube is an excellent tutor and source of information.

3. You have missed the point, again with respect, to the T & C's. The Bank moves the alleged Loan (the Bank makes no Loan) out of the T & C's by under-valuing the valuation, shifting the alleged borrower out of the T & C's enabling them to pounce. A simple mathematical scenario is described in my original post. Check out David Fabb on You Tube, I have spoken with David at length.

4. My post did not say my mortgages were with UKAR. Some were with Bank of Ireland, some with Heritable, JP and Paragon. UKAR are not calling the shots, it is the SPV behind the scenes.

5.Rogue Male - one of the most knowledgeable chaps in the game, a friend of mine who has suffered greatly. Relevant because when they have taken your BTL's, they will take your home and you will be out on the street. This site with all due respect has not addressed the real issues waiting to explode in the property market, simply because most of the people who use the site have not experienced what lies beneath their mortgage, so to speak. When they do, it will be a whole new world.

6.People have no rights with their mortgages, all were signed away with the power of attorney granted to the Bank when the mortgage deed was signed (but not dated) by the mortgagor. The deed is Void. It is dated some weeks later when the Bank has sold it to the SPV and securitised the note. The Registration gap. As I said, Criminal by Design (Tim Madden).

7. I fell into arrears yes, the Bank went into Liquidation and I was not able to re-finance the properties off a LIBOR tracker. Development finance disappeared overnight. Back in 2006, nobody knew what the Banks were really up to, as I didn't, unless you were party to inside information and were willing to expose it as did Paul Moore of HBOS, an upstanding Gent.

8.Helping others - by directing them to the information where they can educate themselves as to what is happening to them, why it is happening and what they may do to defend themselves. This post is akin to someone turning up at the end of World War 2 and asking "what's going on?", again that is the enormity of the lack of awareness, again, with the utmost respect. In no way is this deemed to put the fear of Satan through anyone, quite the contrary, my aim is to help others in what is a disgusting process perpetuated by all Banks for the benefit of the greed of the SPV.

9. I make no claims, I merely state facts, facts I know to be true because I have experienced them and so, unfortunately have so many of my colleagues. We have taken this to QUEENS BENCH and CHANCERY to no avail, there is no remedy yet in the Courts for 99.99% of victims, simply because the general public are not aware of what's going on, living in "Phil and Kirsty" land, and the Banks have it sown up at the start. If you read a mortgage prospectus from UKAR they even prophesise how easy it is to dupe alleged borrowers and what the Courts will do in a situation such as this, it is truly shocking.

10. There is only one successful case of fending off an LPA to my knowledge and experience spanning 6 years at the very sharp end. Miriam Freeman is also in a pitched battle with Bank of Scotland (Ireland). These parasites have been stripping people's wealth and assets for far too long and as yet, are unaccountable to no one. They believe they are above the Law, and are fuelled by a feeding frenzy of corporations, developers, agencies and public who prey on the assets when they are made available.

11. I am not a Solicitor or Barrister. However, my Conveyancing Solicitor will have a £5m negligence claim winging it's way to them at some point in the near future. Colleagues of mine are undertaking this route already.

12. Barristers and Solicitors make their money by creating controversy, my aim in life is to seek transparency, truth, justice and compensation for what I and my family have endured at the behest of Banks, along the way I would offer my help in the form of education to anyone I could point in the right direction. You have to help yourselves in this situation. There is no answer until this is brought into the mainstream press (which is draconically controlled by Banks) and people wake up to what is really going on.

Again thank you for your points raised Vanessa, very relevant and all the help you can give to assist in bringing this into the public, the better chance we all will have against the game being played by all Banks, and in particular UKAR.


Stephen King

10:19 AM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Stephen King" at "22/03/2014 - 10:07":

For clarity, in the early days, it was Heritable Bank that went into Administration that first caused issues - it's products disappeared in a flash when Landsbanki, the parent Bank, collapsed.

10:30 AM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Thanks for clarification Stephen.

I fully support your comments concerning education and transparency.

Property Tribes recently hosted an interview with Chris Tudor Whelan who shares a very similar story to your good self. You may like to comment on it?

What still requires clarification in my mind is if you are referring to commercial lending or residential lending? There is a huge difference in the powers these two different types of lenders have so that needs clarifying IMHO.

Also I am still not clear if Rogue Male was in arrears or not?

I believe it would have been more prudent to start another thread rather than posting on this one as I for one believed your story was about MX and it turns out not to be about them at all .

Sorry for my somewhat brief response but I am posting from an iPhone in the car.

Stephen King

10:52 AM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Vanessa Warwick" at "22/03/2014 - 10:30":

Hi Vanessa,

yes I have spoken at length with Chris. In fact we are currently working together trying to put a few deals together in London. My family's suffering was on the same scale to Chris' family, we have a lot in common.

Yes, this is a whole new thread topic in reality, and IMHO, the biggest yet to be exposed. I posted on this thread because it matters not who the alleged lender is, the process used by the SPV is exactly the same and that is what people must get their heads around.

Banks are more cautious with residential products admittedly, with BTL they have carte blanche to do exactly as they please with a swarm of parasites waiting to feast on the proceeds of that process of LPA Receivership.

Forgive my directness, but that is what these people are, providing zero transparency to cover up their behaviour.

Rogue Male was in arrears I understand yes. Others colleagues have not been.

This is such a huge topic and it will become much larger when people realise that the mortgages in existence can never be re-paid, ever. When the Banks create money, by advancing so called Loans, the Interest is never created, so where does the money come from to pay the mortgages? It does not exist. This is the Ponzi Scheme on global proportions that forms the Basis of Fractional Reserve Banking, it has to collapse, and during that collapse, SPV's will continue with the behaviour we see here. I'm no internet blogger or poster, so would gladly take pointers on how this topic should be further addressed to help those who are genuinely concerned, they should be, as I said, highly concerned.


Neil Patterson

12:59 PM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Paul,

In the absence of knowing how Mortgage express will react I would play it safe and do absolutely nothing unless you 100% had too.

Jody Farrenden

21:37 PM, 22nd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Adam Hosker" at "19/03/2014 - 11:42":

I had the worst tenant one can imagine, not because she didn't pay rent but because she was a hoarder. I gave her notice to leave which took me 4 months to get her out and then a massive cleaning, clearing and painting operation. 100 bin liners and 2 skips to get rid of the rubbish. Due to my ill health (I had bowel cancer two years ago and more recently liver cancer) I decided to sell rather than re-rent. I wrote to Mortgage Express to ask if I could please pay interest only until such time the house is sold. It took them 8 weeks to reach a decision and the answer was "no". I pleaded with them, put in a complaint, wrote to the Financial Ombudsman but to no avail. Three months later I told them I will be making a standing order for £50.00 per month to cover the interest as there was nothing more that I could do and will pay the balance off when the house is sold. Ever since then they have harassed me with phone calls and more recently with threatning letters and repossession. Their records show arrears as they have not agreed interest only. I wrote to Richard Banks, their Chief Executive only to get a reply from somebody else saying "no" you can't have interest only. In the meantime the house was sold from September to 4th January, so not very long at all, and a couple of further months before the contracts were exchanged. My solicitor asked for a redemption figure and it took them a week to let her have this. Even though the balance was due to be paid any day now and in fact on the day it was actually paid I was still getting threatning letters and phone calls. Mortgage Express are ruthless and haven't a clue what one department is doing from another. You can never speak to anybody but just the call centre staff. You can't speak to the Chief Executive secretary, or the redemption dept., or anybody in authority in fact. I had a letter three days ago informing me a redemption figure was requested by my solicitor and yet today when the balance was paid I had a call late afternoon from a Mr. D and after going through the pathetic security checks for the millionth time he informs me I am in arrears and that Court action will be put in place. Because I knew that the balance was paid off by my solicitor in the morning needless to say I told him to "get lost"
Mortgage Express staff have made my life an absolute misery which hasn't helped my recovery from the liver operation. They sometimes call me at 8.00 a.m. when I am in bed and their no. is usually blocked.

Paul Machin

14:37 PM, 23rd March 2014, About 10 years ago

Thank you Vanessa, Roger and Neil for your advice.

I think as Neil has suggested, I will not sell this property with ME. I am glad I came across what is going on before I had given my tenant notice and found a buyer.

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