Lincoln Licensed Deathtraps

Lincoln Licensed Deathtraps

10:09 AM, 15th September 2020, About 3 years ago 12

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This story concerns two slum-like death trap HMOs which had both been granted recent HMO Licences by Lincoln City Council and condemned as unsafe for habitation by an independent expert.

One such HMO Licence was granted as recently as January 2020 and even after inspection by one of Lincoln City Council’s supposedly expert Housing Officers, the Licence contained absolutely no conditions requiring any improvements.

This was despite the property having dangerous electrics and no valid electrical safety certificate (EICR) at the time the HMO Licence was granted and also being an absolute fire-trap.

The Lie that HMO Licensing improves housing quality

Bond Housing Group bought these two properties in February 2020. Both properties had been recently inspected and licensed by Lincoln City Council housing officers (one literally a few weeks earlier). Bond Housing naturally assumed that these new licences would guarantee the HMOs to be safe and fit for habitation – and so would not need their normal exhaustive level of inspection.

After all, “making absolutely certain that properties are decent and safe” is what councils like Lincoln City Council tell people time after time “is the only reason for licensing.” (“It’s nothing to do with cynical revenue generation, honest Guv!”).

On gaining entry to the two HMOs, Bond Housing Group was so horrified at the state of the living conditions in them, it immediately commissioned a Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS) inspection (that’s the same inspection system the Councils are told to use for finding fault with buildings) from an independent expert.

Across the two HMOs, the independent HHSRS inspector found a grand total of 154 health and safety issues including:

  • 48 concerns regarding fire safety including unsafe fire doors and alarm systems not maintained and exit doors that could trap residents in a fire;
  • 29 concerns regarding respiratory health-threatening damp and mould
  • 12 concerns regarding electrical safety
  • 5 concerns regarding excess cold
  • 26 concerns regarding the general condition of the buildings
  • Plus multiple other concerns

The fact that the Council licensed these two properties (one as recently as January 2020) with absolutely zero conditions requiring the worst property to be improved, and only generic conditions on the second, can only lead to the conclusion that this is exactly the type and standard of HMO that the City’s residents (who can’t afford their own house or flat) “should be living in”.

Said Rob Hunter, CEO of Bond Housing Group (Lincoln), “I really want students and their parents to understand that the claim “This HMO is Licensed.” means absolutely nothing in terms of safety in Lincoln. We know of dozens and dozens of HMO properties across Lincoln that are riddled with lung-damaging mould and have woefully inadequate fire precautions licensed by Lincoln Council. Students are constantly highlighting to each other on social media how bad their accommodation is.

“I was talking to some of the residents who lived in the next-door property before we bought it in 2015. One said “I remember the mould on the walls. Another replied, “yeah we all got chest infections.” They were so complimentary about the studios we had turned their hell-hole into.”

“Please do not ever assume that an HMO licence in Lincoln means the property is in any way safe!”

Across the country, inspired Landlords have been meeting the demand for superior ‘HMO2.0’ accommodation based on compact self-contained studios. But Councils just like Lincoln are trying to stop them because they seem to believe it is the council’s job to force people to socialise and share kitchens and bathrooms.

Councils wake up!

Well, councils, here’s some market information for you:

Tenants do not like being told how to live and being forced to share.

Councils still seem to think that HMO’s are for the downtrodden and poor who can afford nothing else. That was 1920.

The world has moved on; but sadly under the stewardship [sic] of local authority housing and planning departments, there has been very little  new housing built over multiple decades. Instead councils fight against progress and insist on horrid, damp and unsafe HMOs with shared kitchens and bathrooms. And constant loud parties that annoy the neighbours.

Bond Housing Group in Lincoln and others property visionaries around the country have responded to market demand with the creation of HMO2.0 studios by ripping apart grotty Victorian properties and taking them right back to brick – then refurbishing to the latest standards.  Yet Lincoln City Council refuses to license some of these near hotel quality properties,  seemingly preferring the City’s residents to live in near-slum death-trap conditions.

Bond Housing (Lincoln) HM02.0 studio properties

In an independent survey of 48 people living in an HMO2.0 studio in Lincoln, 100% rated having their own kitchen and bathroom (and not having to share) as either ‘essential’ or ‘important’.

The residents were at pains to describe to the interviewer how the ability to come home to their own private space, close the door, wash, bathe and cook in private was a massive boost to their mental health and well-being.

Residents talked about no longer having to use dirty bathrooms, shared by multiple other people with dirt, mess or other people’s pubic hairs in the bath and shower. And no longer the daily stress of other people leaving dirty washing up, dirty cluttered surfaces, having to queue for a turn on the cooker or oven and forever having your food and milk stolen by other residents.

However, totally out of touch LCC insists that such studios are dangerous and damaging to tenants’ mental health

When we told the tenants what LCC claimed they wanted us to send a very strong and clear message to LCC that they need to understand that it is actually the type of dirty, damp unsafe HMOs that LCC seems to prefer, that are unhealthy, dangerous, stressful and damaging to their psychological health!

The latest irony is that, with the Covid-19 need for social distancing, HMO2.0 studios are massively safer than houses with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Despite refusing to licence many HMO2.0 studios and even insisting that some be converted back to shared kitchens, LCC’s latest guidance to tenants says “in a shared kitchen wear a mask, take food back to your room avoid sharing…”

Lincoln City Council advice to HMO tenants

Completely missing the irony, LCC insist that Bond Housing should ban some of their occupants from having food in their rooms!

Miracle makeover

Faced with having bought two licensed death-traps, which were already contractually committed to students for the 2020-21 academic year, Bond Housing (Lincoln) put their renovation ‘machine’ into overdrive to neutralize all the defects.

At a cost of some £20,000 in lost rent to move the existing tenants out into other accommodation or home to parents, and delaying the dates when new tenants could move in –  so that the houses could be closed down and worked on in the few weeks available.

The Bond team worked non-stop during the pandemic lock-down spending several £10,000s on works to fix all the problems and make the properties totally compliant giving them a full redecoration and ‘bond-style makeover.

Money grabbing cynicism

So here we have it. Lincoln City Council, one of many housing authorities, completely out of touch with what people need and want, prefer people to live in licensed death traps “in the name of improving housing standards” but actually showing their true colours that, just as with parking tickets and speed cameras, housing licensing is just another cynical revenue-generating tax!

Phil Turtle is a Casework Consultant at Landlord Licensing & Defence. He is a Certified HHSRS Practitioner – similarly qualified as many Council Enforcement Officers.

Landlord Licencing & Defence is helping landlords get out of trouble when they get into it. We are fighting against councils that have become power-crazed and which are persecuting decent landlords for immoral financial gain.

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Michael Bond

11:46 AM, 15th September 2020, About 3 years ago

This boggles the mind. But perhaps we should not be too surprised. Since when have we expected local government officials to be either competent or efficient?
I find some people like to live in HMOs -- usually "young professionals". I put en-suite shower rooms in HMOs, but am careful not to put in a sink or microwave as this would make the room into a self-contained studio flat and so liable to Council Tax which the tenant would have to pay. As students don't pay Council Tax this would not be an issue in accommodation that is only ever going to be occupied by students.
I have no properties in Lincoln and have no association with the Bond Housing Group except that we share the same name.

terry sullivan

11:47 AM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

if each room has its own kitchen and bathroom--is the building still an hmo?

also does not separate council tax for each room apply?

Rob Crawford

15:45 PM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

It beggars belief that Bond HG took over these properties before inspecting them. I am pretty sure most landlords would not rely on the condition of a property by virtue of a licence having been issued. Prior to the commencement of a licensing, scheme the Local Authority will require the landlord to complete an an application that includes a self declaration that the property meets the required licence standard. The LA cannot possibly resource the inspection of all properties that come under the licensing scheme before the schemes is introduced. So my understanding is that licenses are issued based on the trust that the landlord has met the requirements of the licensing standard. An inspection will, at some point, take place. Without a doubt, some landlords cannot be trusted, this is a great disappointment, they will eventually be found. Why should a good honest landlord with a self-declared compliant property (the majority) not get a licence? I see no suggestion on how a LA could better implement a licensing scheme, it's a difficult conundrum, I don't have the answer! Buyers and renters do need a means to check if the inspection has been completed and know, if done, whether the inspection is compliant. LA's need to conduct inspections asap once licensing schemes are introduced. Landlords that provide an obviously false self declaration should be penalised severely.

Luke P

16:01 PM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Rob Crawford at 16/09/2020 - 15:45"The LA cannot possibly resource the inspection of all properties that come under the licensing scheme..."
How is it that the DVSA can, for £62, personally and individually inspect, for a whole hour, the driving standard/ability of every single licence applicant/candidate? Even if you add on the prior 'paperwork' part that is the theory test, then you're only at £85 total.
If they cannot inspect, they should not be able to insist on the licence, nor the associated payment. Therein lies the true problem...LAs can collect monies (even if only partly) without ever having to issue the licence. It's nothing short of completely and utterly crooked.

Rob Crawford

16:44 PM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 16/09/2020 - 16:01
Did Lincon LA plan to conduct an inspection within a reasonable time scale (required by law once paid for)? Did the former landlord falsify a self-declaration? Did the LA issue a self- declaration requirement with the application for the landlord to complete? Did Lincon LA scrutinise the self declaration, if issued, once received. Or did they just issue a licence? If a self assessment was asked for and completed fraudulently, will Lincon LA be taking legal action against the former landlord? Luke, on the basis of the article, there are just too many details that we don't know. Maybe Bond PG or Lincon LA expand on this!

terry sullivan

16:45 PM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

if la cannot inspect then it should not be in charge of licensing

Des Taylor & Phil Turtle, Landlord Licensing & Defence

20:03 PM, 16th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Rob Crawford at 16/09/2020 - 15:45
Rob and others

It clearly says in the article:
"Both properties had been **recently inspected** and licensed by Lincoln City Council housing officers (one literally a few weeks earlier)"


16:39 PM, 19th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Pictures at top show this poor landlord had bad tenants. This faults were not present during the inspection not to long ago. If the propertys were that bad than the inspection would have failed and no tenant would have taken this property.

Council inspections are very strict. I think this article is about making a story only to sell.

juliet bonnet

19:30 PM, 20th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Our rental property was granted HMO status in March in Lincoln only after the council surveyor has gone over it with a fine tooth comb, we had all the necessary EICR, fire doors, gas and other certificates in place, and removed all fridges and any cooking facilities from bedrooms.. the reason for the council not liking kitchen facilities within accommodation was because they said it was an increased fire risk.

Des Taylor & Phil Turtle, Landlord Licensing & Defence

22:09 PM, 20th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by juliet bonnet at 20/09/2020 - 19:30
Hi Julie. We are currently fighting Lincoln City Council in the First Tier Tribunal over exactly this for a client. I'd be very interested to talk with you confidentially about your experience if you could kindly drop me an email with your phone number to mentioning this note.

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