Letting to a Minor?

Letting to a Minor?

12:23 PM, 11th December 2017, About 4 years ago 3

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I’ve been approached for a student let, but the student is under 18 (17 and not 18 until the end of next year) – it is a University Place rather than 6th form college (!). I was fine with it, but as he’d asked the question thought I should have a little dig and found conflicting views about him not being responsible for land as a minor.

Is there a policy here? I’ve told him that as with all students he would be paying rent up front and he’s still happy to view.

I’d be grateful for a little info before I plough on.



by Neil Patterson

12:25 PM, 11th December 2017, About 4 years ago

Hi Elizabeth,

Please read the full advice from Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law >> http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2012/03/29/problems-about-renting-to-under-age-tenants/

"If you want to grant a tenancy to someone underage, ALWAYS have an adult named on the tenancy agreement as a co tenant

Once the minor turns 18 you can then get them to sign a tenancy agreement in their own name

If you have any properties let to tenants in their sole name at a time when they were under 18, get them to sign a new tenancy agreement as soon as possible."

by H B

20:01 PM, 16th December 2017, About 4 years ago

If the student has only just turned 17, shouldn't he be in year 12 with still another year and a half of school to go?

by Puzzler

18:10 PM, 18th December 2017, About 4 years ago

Reply to the comment left by H B at 16/12/2017 - 20:01
Usually but not necessarily. My nephew went to secondary school aged 10 (October birthday) a year early because the primary had no places. He kept up all the way through so left school at just 17. Or the student is a prodigy?

You have to be 18 to sign any contract so an adult will have to be involved.

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