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    Can’t remortgage my property due to main residence link?

    2017-01-22 13:12:08

    You say you are not family, so could the beneficiaries of the estate of the person in the care home feel they have been short-changed and have put a restriction on the title?

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    Can’t remortgage my property due to main residence link?

    2017-01-18 18:36:57

    Has the council put a restriction on it because you got it cheap? You may have to cough up for the true value of the house if the money runs out and your relative is deemed to have intentionally deprived himself of funds. This might be why a lender won't touch it. You would be well to find out so th

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  • conflicting advice

    Conflicting advice from 2 accountants on how to sell and re-invest

    2017-01-10 22:23:29

    The first transaction would incur CGT at full market value. How would it not? The subsequent sale might not but you will have paid it already on your current gains - assuming you have gains in the current Aberdeen market (and there wouldn't be a subsequent gain anyway if done immediately). Business

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  • avocado

    Vandalism of Period Features

    2017-01-10 19:26:57

    Personally I love old bathrooms - even in colours. I have a lovely pink suite. It may have limited rental appeal though. Why don't you advertise it as it is and see what happens. Agents can be blinkered sometimes, I wince every time they suggest ripping out fireplaces in "homes under the hammer".

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  • trump cards

    Unilateral second charge on my mortgage

    2017-01-08 16:51:36

    In fairness to your friend, the solicitor probably arranged the charge. It is standard practice. To HB: the term is probably age-related. In 2003 retirement age was the standard limit for most mortgages.

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