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3 days ago
Allowable expenses - Am I going mad?

Just to clarify - in the instance of windows replacement with double glazing this can count as a repair even if the original windows were softwood with single glazing. This is because you would not comply with building regs if you replaced like for like.... Read More


4 days ago
Are fitted carpets landlord fitting or content?

There is the rub - flooring does not equal carpets. I would take it to mean the floor itself. However, if his drain caused it and he knew then you might have a claim. You certainly would if he doesn't fix it and it happens again. Take photos if you can (of the drain not the carpet). Press him to tell you when it's to be fixed and provide you with a copy of the receipt or whatever.... Read More


5 days ago
Can a freeholder stop companies purchasing flats?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 14/03/2018 - 10:38
I think...that to be a qualifying leaseholder you have to be a "natural person". Owning three flats also disqualifies you from being one in terms of enfranchisement under the statute.... Read More


5 days ago
Freehold operating as a Ltd Company?

If there are only three of you, you don't need to (depends whether there are spouses involved) as the maximum number of owners on a title is four. There is a lot of admin and cost with a company which can cause problems if you are late filing, the final recourse is that the company can be struck off and the asset (the freehold) revert to the Crown, however this is not likely if you know what you are doing.

Speak to the solicitor who is doing the conveyancing, they should be able to advise you of the pros and cons. You may need to check they have the right expertise.... Read More