Landlord stabbed in the head 5 times by drug dealer takes action @LRSreferencing

Landlord stabbed in the head 5 times by drug dealer takes action @LRSreferencing

15:36 PM, 9th August 2011, About 13 years ago 8

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Thank you to Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd of the Property Tribes forum for sharing this video interview.

In this video interview, Paul Routledge talks about his property journey and how he’s managed to build and manage a portfolio of over 100 properties in the south western seaside destination of Weston-Super-Mare.

Paul is perhaps more widely known  for his Landlord Referencing Service “LRS” which has received significant media attention this year.  About two thirds the way through the video interview, Paul reveals the truth of an horrific incident which inspired him to introduce landlords to the concept of network referencing.  He was stabbed in the head and left for dead when he walked in on a drug dealing tenant!

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11:57 AM, 11th August 2011, About 13 years ago

Paul refers to we in the video all the time but the written diatribe says he .... might be pedantic but which is it?

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

12:12 PM, 11th August 2011, About 13 years ago

I'm not sure I understand your question. Paul was stabbed but in the video he speaks of his portfolio and his teams at his management company and at LRS. Does this answer your question?

12:20 PM, 11th August 2011, About 13 years ago

Hi Mark
If you actually listen to the first minute to 2 minutes he says "we" quite a few times so who is the "we" he refers to in building his portfolio.
You have said "his portfolio" in your reply but this is at odds with what he says as he refers to we which infers more than one person.
Pedantic, but i think it is important for people to know if he did it all himself or with someone else as it can be misleading to infer singular when in fact it was not.
As for the stabbing what a awful ordeal he went through and a lesson to all amateur Landlords who think it is easy to let a property without doing the necessary checks etc and in my opinion shows why you should use a Letting Agent.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

12:47 PM, 11th August 2011, About 13 years ago

I have never met Paul and know very little about how he built his portfolio so I am unable to comment further on that subject, Derrick, sorry.

In answer to your other point, I agree that inexperienced landlords should seriously consider using a Property Manager. There are far too many aspects to this busines for most people to comprehand all in one go. Myself and my family used letting agents for many years whilst we were building our portfolio's and our knowledge base.

11:46 AM, 12th August 2011, About 13 years ago

That can happen with or without an agency. I had a tennant from an agency that turned out to be a crack addict and had a very difficult time with that. Tried to take the agency to court and was un-succesful as they had fulfiled their contract by placing the tennant!

11:33 AM, 14th August 2011, About 13 years ago

Derrick, do you think with so many 'thumbs down' comments you may have missed the point?

23:27 PM, 9th September 2011, About 13 years ago

I thoroughly disagree that you need a property manager.
It is simple to manage property.
If you are within about 1 hours drive you can do it yourself.
Any longer distance then yes you might need a property manager.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

9:00 AM, 10th September 2011, About 13 years ago

Hi Paul

It's easy when you know how and if you have the time to learn, a bit like anything really. I think we should bear in mind that not everybody has the time or inclination to learn and it's easy to make mistakes if you don't. Also, some people can earn a lot more from their time if they contract out the management. It's horses for courses. Due Diligence is they key though and this should never be outsourced, whether you contract out the management or do it yourself.



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