Landlord licensing in Liverpool joke

Landlord licensing in Liverpool joke

11:19 AM, 8th May 2017, About 7 years ago 2

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My brother rents a property and filled in part one in 2015 and paid the fee. He waited 10 months (unaware that the council had been told they shouldn’t have the requested the detailed information they did ) and waited for part 2.

He received a couple of emails about part 2, but was unsure if a member of family was going to move out (this cancels out the license ) so moving forward he now has to fill the whole lot out again and pay the fee again ?

Are there provisions in place to protect landlords who have tenants on benefits ? I mean in the last few years tenants have the opportunity to get the rent paid to their account or to the landlord . Whilst I appreciate that there are landlords out there who do not care for the welfare of their tenants and don’t maintain properties there are landlords who do everything by the book and then are left with arrears because the council paid the actual tenant not the person putting a roof over their head .

It costs a fortune to go to court to recover costs when it is inevitable that they will be unsuccessful or get a fraction paid every month ! Where is the justice for the people who work day in day out and have to go through disclosure checks and pay out for certificates for gas and electricity and maintenance for homes to be told they need a license which costs a fortune to both the property owner and the council ( only a proportion of licences were issued out of some 35’000 )

Landlords understand that there are some sharks out their, but surely if a landlord registers with an individual scheme that can be regulated more manageablely, the council can be assured then and there is no need for them to prosecute people who don’t have a license either through them costing taxpayers MORE money for admin and court costs.

IF a tenant goes to the council for benefit or to register on the electoral roll they can cross check the landlords details with their OWN scheme see that the tenant is protected if the property is not licensed they inform the tenant to liaise with the landlord because they aren’t liable for misconduct and that’s it. why does the council take on this big job and issue a huge registry fee what for ?

They’ve already got it wrong according to data protection it doesn’t make sense it’s infuriating.


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Neil Patterson

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11:21 AM, 8th May 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Jen,

Our range of articles on this subject you may also find interesting.

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Mick Roberts

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10:49 AM, 4th July 2018, About 6 years ago

Can you Landlords please sign this & forward to all your contacts.
A small hope, we have to try anything & everything.

I'm sure we not get 10k signatures, but the more Licensing & Govt start to see these things, who knows.

“Petition calling for a review of Nottingham City Councils Selective Licensing."

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