Tenants – This is probably the second joint biggest reason why you can’t get a house and why you’re paying extortionate rents

Tenants – This is probably the second joint biggest reason why you can’t get a house and why you’re paying extortionate rents

9:44 AM, 11th October 2021, About 6 days ago 16

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Just as the Govt are pulling away your £20pw when prices have increased, Govt has pulled away £150pw which secures your home.

Direct rents payable to Landlords (where tenants may have got into money difficulties is 5% of Private Landlord tenancies). The figure before the lockdown was 7%. So, tenants, DWP Universal Credit UC are treating you even worse.

They are not following their rules to keep you safe in your home. In Council houses, that figure is around 33%. Why is that? Because Councils have their own portal with UC and can tell UC when there is a problem. Your Private Landlord however CAN’T even tell UC when he wants UC to stop paying him, as you’ve cleared your arrears up.

Another reason why the next Landlord won’t take you when you ring up asking for houses.

If the direct payments to Landlords have gone down AFTER lockdown, when we KNOW rent arrears have gone UP, this shows the DWP staff are doing a worse job than before. This should be illegal, making tenants homeless, causing Landlords Mental Health problems, and worse playing with tenants lives.

And a BIG reason why rents are rocketing and you’re wondering why so expensive. Landlords can pick & choose. If UC followed their own rules & regs & paid Landlords when you had a problem, the next Landlord would take you much easier as he knows DWP UC would work with him.

You’ve probably wondered why under the old JSA ESA Income Support Housing Benefit system, when you wanted to move, invariably you could always find a Landlord willing to take you. That’s because the old system followed the rules and TALKED to the Landlord.

You should really be pressing your MP’s on this matter because you may be blaming the Landlord without really knowing he cannot take you cause of the DWP UC system, purely on his experiences with it the last 7 years. You may be the best tenant in the world. My tenants are the best in the world, I am the biggest Benefit Landlord in Nottingham, yet I cannot and will not take any more Benefit tenants till this UC DWP system gets changed.

Ex-Secretary of State, Amber Rudd, claimed she was sympathetic to the PRS landlord’s position. She is quoted in the HOC report at the foot of page 13 where she states:

“One-third of UC claimants in social rented housing have their rent paid directly to their landlord. But in the private sector, that number is only 5%. People in the private rented sector already face a far higher risk of losing their tenancy, and I know from talking to claimants and landlords that the current system isn’t working for some of them. So, we need to make it easier for tenants in the private sector to find and keep a good home, by giving landlords greater certainty that their rent will be paid.”


So tenants, next time you get refused, see if you can ask the Landlord privately why.

Unfortunately, GOVT have told Landlords we can’t refuse Benefit tenants anymore, so you may not get a straight answer, but please trust me, these are the reasons. Because the Landlords aren’t taking you any more, just before at least you knew why if they refused you.

Press Shelter for this, they have some Govt influence, but they just won’t work with us on this. My arms & ears are open to Polly Neate.


by Mick Roberts

16:05 PM, 11th October 2021, About 6 days ago

Reply to the comment left by BobG at 11/10/2021 - 13:04
Yes Bob, if the Govt actually joined up the Council with UC & the Council Homeless cost with the Taxpayer & so on, they'd think Ooh this is costing us £10k+ overall, so why don't we just talk to the Landlord.

by Mick Roberts

16:06 PM, 11th October 2021, About 6 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Clint at 11/10/2021 - 14:50
Totally wrong Clint as u know, they shun't be allowed to do this.

Ha Ha never trust what UC say. I talked to the TOP TOP Nottingham UC partnership manager 2 weeks ago. Unbelievable, she rang me back 4 days later & got every single thing wrong I spoke to her about on the 1st phone call. They must employ the thickest people on the planet.

Them case Managers seem untouchable & unaccountable.

by Mick Roberts

16:07 PM, 11th October 2021, About 6 days ago

Reply to the comment left by NewYorkie at 11/10/2021 - 15:35
Exactly New Yorkie, It is so so easy to pay Landlord. What is the worst that could happen if u pay the Landlord? Oh I see, rent gets paid, Landlord pays his mortgage, tenant doesn't get evicted. How hard is that?

by Jonathan Clarke

0:52 AM, 14th October 2021, About 3 days ago

I always think it strange that when i worked in a job my tax was automatically deducted from my wages to be paid direct to HMRC by my employer as the Gov clearly didn't trust me or want to encourage me to manage my own financial affairs and pay them at the end of every month . No no no far to risky they thought
But my UC tenants are told - Hey we trust you implicitly. You may like the odd spliff or a can of ale but so what - we want to encourage you to manage your financial affairs so hey give it a go and see how you get on and take all this taxpayers £750 each month and just simply pay it on to your landlord . If you don't manage it first month dont worry we will still continue to try it again next month and give you another £750 and see if perhaps kindly you can do a bit better . If not don't you worry we wont chase you for it as these things happen in life , but maybe if the landlord can find us behind our walls of steel we might then have to start paying him direct so sorry about that hope you don`t mind I know it will be a bit of a pain not having free money
Still what do i know. The Gov must be right surely to do it this way and anyway I don't really need yet another £1,500 in my bank account as i heard on the news today I can now pay my mortgages with baked beans

by Mick Roberts

8:28 AM, 14th October 2021, About 3 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Jonathan Clarke at 14/10/2021 - 00:52
I've just replied to your other similar comment Jonathon on this post:


Yes, DWP staff are told no matter what, pay the tenant at all costs. If homeless ensues, at least we've paid the tenant & done what the Govt wanted us to do. What's the worst that can happen if we pay the Landlord? Oh I see, rent gets paid, Mortgage gets paid, no arrears, tenant doesn't lose their home. But that would be far too much common sense for UC.

They trust 'em with £2000 over 2 months, & not the Landlord. Yet the same authorities say the tenant is not responsible enough to check their own smoke alarms & the Landlord must take all responsibility to make sure tenant don't take batteries out.

Ha ha yes, they get no repercussions whatsoever for wasting that taxpayers money on whatever they like.

by Jonathan Clarke

9:28 AM, 14th October 2021, About 3 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 14/10/2021 - 08:28
What we need is a a dozen moles to pretend to act as new tenants claiming benefits with a secret camera and send them through the process of claiming and expose all the flaws . They could all go in to the JC interview with a different kind of Tier 1 issue and share that with the JC staff and see then if they tick the `pay to LL`s`box . I know that they don't tick it and are taught to only do that as a last resort because the GOV want to try to work it this way and give them the skills to manage their own money . Its a good thought of course and in an ideal world yes - but totally totally impracticable because a lot of humans lie and cheat and cover stuff up when they see the opportunity to get £750 free cash in their hands as Christmas is coming up and they have kids mouths to feed and presents to buy

TV crews out there I`m available to be that mole. I fancy a career change . Just pay me the 100K I`ve lost over the years of taxpayers money which has been paid to tenants who call me from Spain saying sorry Jon I will sort that out when I`m back from my stag night. I know Ive done bad but you know how it is when i get those notes in my hand i just cant help myself . Sorry mate I will try to make it up next month...

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