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11:58 AM, 18th February 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Leasehold/Commonhold campaign?

David, you are quite right. Property118 should be championing this campaign. But it is not only apartments which are affected. The past few years, developers have been selling houses as Leasehold, and making obscene profits by selling on the freeholds to ground rent investment vehicles, and from the government's Help-to-Buy scheme.
However, it sounds like you are unaware of the activities of the National Leasehold Campaign (please join on Facebook), which, along with Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, has been responsible for driving the development of an All Party Parliamentary Group on leasehold reform, which currently has 160 members. Please ensure your MP is a member. (
Leaseholders include many thousands of BTL landlords, who know only too well how freeholders and their agents exploit them. Unfortunately, the vast majority of leaseholders who bought their 'homes' believing they would own them, really don't understand they are only 'renting', until it's too late. Leasehold is a scandal on a scale far bigger than PPI (which was not really a scandal which ruined lives!).
The more noise everyone makes about this, the better chance we will have of seeing Commonhold in England & Wales (already in Scotland).... Read More


11:15 AM, 6th October 2018
About 5 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Time to take a tougher stance in the interests of landlords and their tenants. Count me in!... Read More


11:45 AM, 2nd October 2018
About 6 months ago

Our RTM company has a Non paying leaseholder

Reply to the comment left by Jean-Charles Nicolas at 02/10/2018 - 10:12
It is not your responsibility to ensure the other owners pay their share, and it shouldn't affect how much you pay, or whether the decorating is done. It is the Freeholder and the RTM Co who must chase the debts, and take whatever action needed under the law. It's not nice if you all know each other, but that's the value of having an independent RTM Co to manage the service charges and ground rent collection. If the co-owner has a mortgage, and the RTM Co doesn't want to go to court, then the RTM Co can request payment from the mortgage company. The debt would then be added to the owners mortgage.... Read More


14:30 PM, 20th June 2018
About 9 months ago

Of course it appears cheaper!

Reply to the comment left by Alison King at 20/06/2018 - 12:55
You've highlighted the lack of flexibility of owning, but I have to disagree that your tenants would be better off buying. The above 'hidden' ownership issues speak for themselves, and if I was a young potential buyer, I would stick with renting.

There are hundreds of thousands of new leaseholders who thought they would be owning their new homes, only to find they are not owning and worse than renting.... Read More


12:04 PM, 20th June 2018
About 9 months ago

Of course it appears cheaper!

We grew up in council housing, and even though we paid rent, we treated it like our own home. Even to the point of installing our own gas fires (to thaw the ice on the inside of the windows!) and building a bathroom extension in the garden (so we didn't have to use the tin bath in the Kitchen!). We 'ad it tough in them days!
The point I'm making is renters, even in social housing, display zero responsibility for their 'home', but expect everything to be done for them, and if it isn't, it's all the landlord's fault and the government should legislate to protect them against the 'greedy' landlords.
Driven by the likes of Shelter and Generation Rent, immigration, massive pressure on social housing, and unfair and misguided government taxation and legislation of amateur BTL landlords, I think it will soon reach breaking point, if it isn't already there, where demand cannot be met by supply.
There has always been a majority of the population who cannot buy... and very soon... will not be able to rent either!... Read More