IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Mark Alexander

by Mark Alexander

A week ago

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Mark Alexander

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Mark Alexander

This weekend I have a simple request to all Property118 members.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign my Housing Policy petition to Theresa May.


We don’t need to get 100,000 signatures to make this campaign successful. In fact, just a few more signatures than we have now could do it, but only if everybody who signs is prepared to put in just a tiny little bit of extra effort.

All will be revealed in regards to the next stage of our strategy in due course, and let me assure you, I don’t think this has ever been done before and I am extremely excited about it. Could the political lobbying strategy I am planning to share change lobbying forever? I think it might! For now though, we just need more people to sign and share the petition.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Mark Alexander – founder of Property118 “The Landlords Union”



Liam Strid

A week ago

You can count on me Mark. Hope your strategy works.

Larry Sweeney

A week ago

Signed Mark. Once again Property 118 at the forefront advocating for landlords unlike other landlord organisations who help useless councils coregulate their rotten Selective licensing revenue raising scams

Reply to the comment left by Larry Sweeney at 10/08/2018 - 17:48
I totally agree. The NLA are supporting Gt Yarmouth council in their proposal for selective licensing without even consulting their local members.

Mark Alexander

A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Paul Cunningham at 10/08/2018 - 18:45
WTF? !!!

Mark Alexander

A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Paul Cunningham at 10/08/2018 - 18:45
What Dow sthe NLA get out of that Paul?

Is there some sort of side deal such as a discount on the license fees for Accredited NLA member or something?


A week ago

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 10/08/2018 - 18:56
I would have said - et tu Brute ? ( excuse the spelling)

Neil Patterson

A week ago

Spot on Asif

Grumpy Doug

A week ago

Paul - I'm stunned. The NLA were at the forefront of the fight against SL here in Bournemouth ... and we won the battle! You need to get Melvin Hughes (NLA rep) here in Bournemouth to contact your lot and explain how we did it

Liam Strid

7 days ago

Reply to the comment left by Paul Cunningham at 10/08/2018 - 18:45
Yes I totally agree too. They are just after our hard earned money. It's greed.

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 10/08/2018 - 18:58i Mark
I was as stunned as everyone else , but I attended a joint meeting with Gt Yarmouth Council and the NLA where they openly stated they supported it, all those present were appalled. The RLA have submitted a response to the consultation totalling opposing the scheme. Te discount for NLA members is the same as early payers but they now appear to adopt the belief that its only a matter of time before all councils go down this road so better to work with tem. Needless to say I am not a member of the NLA!
The Council will decide on 13th September, all ELA members are up in arms and I'm in talks with the Council but at £500 per property (they estimate the area contains 1600) I think its a no brainer for a cash strapped council.
Gavin Dick (clue is in the surname) is the person from NLA head office, the local rep had no idea.

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