How do I collect arrears from Universal Credit?

How do I collect arrears from Universal Credit?

14:28 PM, 22nd January 2021, About 3 years ago 7

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Hi all,  I am still waiting for a possession hearing for almost a year due to covid banned evictions etc. My tenants owe me thousands in unpaid rent, and I’ve just found out from Universal Credit that they had been paying them the housing elements since March last year, which has not been passed on.

I tried direct payments but was denied only until last week. The U.C. has told me to chase them up for the rent arrears via bailiffs etc.

Is there another way I can do this, UC said it is not benefit fraud?


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Robert M

23:25 PM, 23rd January 2021, About 3 years ago

Apply to UC for third party deductions from the tenant's UC towards the rent arrears. If agreed then UC usually pay you 10 - 20% of the claimant's personal UC award, i.e. excluding the Housing Element.


14:38 PM, 25th January 2021, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Robert Mellors at 23/01/2021 - 23:25
I am in a similar situation. My tenant refuses to pay rent despite working and claiming SEISS. Currently, 9 months and £3.5k arrears + ASB towards neighbours + upcoming prosecution for allegedly 'something nasty to do with children online!' I have been advised he is claiming UC; I'd be surprised if he wasn't, but I can't prove it. How can I find out if he is claiming UC and LHA?


16:00 PM, 25th January 2021, About 3 years ago

This seems to be a common theme of late.
Have you contacted DWP and applied for an APA managed payment to landlord for the rent to be paid directly.
Please feel free to call our offices if you need further assistance on 02037289937


16:47 PM, 25th January 2021, About 3 years ago

Just click on the link below and follow the instructions if you are owed more than two months rent:

With regards if you are owed thousands, you might as well forget it and be happy with the minimal arrears amount you can arrange on the same link


17:24 PM, 25th January 2021, About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by CARIDON LANDLORD SOLUTIONS at 25/01/2021 - 16:00
The problem is we don't know if he's claiming, and he won't engage with us. Should I just apply in any case and see if they reply?

Alistair Cooper

18:02 PM, 25th January 2021, About 3 years ago

Getting any response from DWP on either current accruing arrears or historic debt is a complete lottery. Five claims lodged and perused in the last 8 months; not a single response on any case. They won’t talk to you on the phone and ask you to send emails to an account that is never answered.
Successive governments have refused to reinstate the old system of direct payment on Day 1. Doing so would be the single most effective step towards reducing homelessness but still they refuse.
Paying the recent direct saves the state no money whatsoever and just encourages financially reckless behaviour.


19:37 PM, 27th January 2021, About 3 years ago

I cannot understand why the government does not institute direct payments as suggested above. Does anyone know? Are any of the landlords organisations mounting a campaign on this? It would benefit tenants and landlords alike.

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