Guaranteed rent mismanagement?

Guaranteed rent mismanagement?

10:15 AM, 6th October 2022, About 2 years ago 4

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Hello, My sister gave a property to an agent via guaranteed rent. They are up to date with the payments.

After viewing the property, I could see that it was in a state of disrepair. There was a leak in the ceiling and the agent claimed to have fixed and sent a bill to say that they had.

After getting a similar bill to the previous one it was apparent that the problem had not been fixed and when I went there I was told by the tenant that they had been trying to contact the agent to get the problem resolved for months without it getting fixed.

There were other things like the bathroom tiles taken off because they needed to find a leak but the floor in the bath was never fixed and at present there is just cracked cement in the bathroom, along with no actual bathroom door.

My sister has no trust in this company and would like her property back. I know it’s for a 5 year deal but if it’s proven that the company managing the property is negligent and by not dealing with problems to the house straight away it which causes bigger problems and more expensive bills, can she get her property back?

I know that they have a tenant from the council in the house and would assume they have some sort of agreement in place with them but getting charged to fix things, claim you’ve fixed them and then charging for it to be fixed again surely is grounds to have them removed?

Any advice would be helpful.



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Rob Crawford

20:22 PM, 6th October 2022, About 2 years ago

You could leave on the basis of incompetence, if indeed that is the case. But first, what do the terms of agreement between you and the agent state?

Robert M

13:34 PM, 7th October 2022, About 2 years ago

This is really down to the terms and conditions that your sister and the company have agreed to in their lease. Scour the T & C's of the lease agreement to see what breaches have occurred and what remedy there is for your sister. - I presume your sister got the lease checked by a solicitor so there should be a full understanding of the T & C's, including any forfeiture clause for serious breaches, so she should perhaps go back to her solicitor and seek qualified advice on whether she has a remedy, e.g. ending the lease or suing the R2R company.

If it is a "management agreement" rather than a "lease", then the guaranteed rent company is presumably nothing more than a letting agent, so again there should be a management agreement that states what services the company will perform and to what standard, so check for any breaches of the T&Cs, and seek legal advice on how to enforce the T&Cs, or end the management agreement.


13:57 PM, 7th October 2022, About 2 years ago

i have a similar contract with a company that operate with a rent guarantee scheme.
are you able to share the company name so i avoid in case i bump into it....


16:24 PM, 8th October 2022, About 2 years ago

IMO your Sister has made a big mistake. Google rent to rent scam to see some of the things that go wrong. It's most always a bad move deal for a landlord.

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