Gas Boiler Regulations – Landlords Question

Gas Boiler Regulations – Landlords Question

23:17 PM, 7th March 2013, About 9 years ago 69

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Gas Boiler Regulations - Landlords QuestionI recently asked a plumber to look at a gas boiler in my rented flat. The hot water was patchy so asked him to rectify the problem, do a service and while he has at it give me the annual boiler safety check.

However, he took one look and refused to do anything, recommending that we shut off the boiler as it contravened the new gas boiler regulations implemented in December 2012.

Naturally my tenant was unhappy with that.

Apparently, these regulations state that the flues of the boiler must be visible for checking. Therefore, if as is the case of many flats, it is all behind panels/cupbords etc, you have to cut access holes every meter until it reaches the outside wall. Until we undertook this work he could not complete the work and left sending us the invoice.

Result a call out fee + VAT amounting to £100.

I wanted to raise awareness of these new gas boiler regulations to other landlords and also get your opinion as to whether I should pay this guy as I have now had to get another plumber to do the work.

Thanks for your advice.

Amanda Yates


9:07 AM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

Hi Industry Observer

Nothing will get the landlord of the hook. The hatches MUST be fitted. where I came in was to say the gas engineer should not have walked away. Gas engineers can only take advice from the licensing body Gas Safe Register.

As regards to do the HSE endorse these recommendations, that is a question you should ask Gas Safe Register or the HSE. They have this on their web site as advice for every registered engineer in the country.

Joe Bloggs

9:26 AM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

i would like to thank john russell for what appears to be a very thorough and professional posting.

Industry Observer

10:01 AM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

Hi John

No I understand where you are coming from just that it read as though the RGI could say this to the tenant, they could then say "leave it on" and then if they were gassed not Landlord liability.

As you say it is - but this is something for landlords and agents to be alert to - the CP12 that actually says more than just "pass" as inmy experience unless primed to look at one more closely few people ever do.

HSE will of course give no such undertaking and any RGI would be foolish to. As you say bottom line whether any Landlord likes it or not is that for the inspection to be complete as it needs to be under latest regs the hatches must be fitted.

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Nat Patel

10:07 AM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

Hello,I think boiler problems,and regulations and comments,trouble getting out of control here .To my best knowledge,we should follow the regulations and must look for right engineer for installation ,repair and service.

British gas is not the best one on market.I have tried them out two property maintained GAS<ELECTRICITY<DRAIN< Water by them.for last twelve months.One house they never been called in year..One house they replaced pump.but never serviced Megna clean and told me for system flushing required and cost is £780.I never reply to them,because boiler is three year old &flushing done when boiler replaced.Renual premium double up.I just talked to them few days ago and confirm to keep same premium for twelve month so I just renewed. They do no service . just check all working or not and giving you CP 12.This apply to most engineers as I believe.
My engineer guy told me to get AIR DUSTER and clean the boiler yearly .That he does. after I call my special Certificate issue guy who checks, and all fine, and give me certificate for £50.
Back up boiler may be different.As we got read off them we had two .I think they are bit concern.

If boiler keep giving you & tenants trouble please replace.I know Replacing is not cheap but keep all happy too and claim against expenses too.

Finally, please pay the plumber and never called him again,or try to negotiate with him to make it proper and pay him all to gather.

10:22 AM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

With a back boiler, how would you inspect the length of the flue enclosed by a chimney or would that fact that it runs inside a chimney mean that section would not need to be inspected?

Lisé Willcox

16:17 PM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

My Gas Safe engineer (whom I took to the pub to discuss a programme of future Work for the following year... As I'm such a social bunny) reports the following:

"Back boilers are not affected by this new rule change. It's because it is a continuous pipe with with no joints in it to inspect."

21:09 PM, 14th March 2013, About 9 years ago

To a point I understand that but the flue must be attached to the boiler 'At the back'. This joint will need to be inspected I think.

0:19 AM, 15th March 2013, About 9 years ago

Open Flue is completely different from room sealed. Amongst the tests carried out on open flues is a smoke test. Any leaks in the flue show up. Plus there is a visual on any exposed flue, the boiler and the terminal. There are also tests for Carbon Monoxide spillage. Most engineers also sniff for CO with other equipment although this is just an additional guide.
Any one with an open flue appliance who has any wish to live to an old age should also have an audible alarm, that is not mandatory and should not be relied on instead of a service. Its just prudent.
Open flue appliances regardless if they are in a rented property must always be serviced at least once a year. If there are animals in the house more.

9:32 AM, 15th March 2013, About 9 years ago

@John Russell
Thanks John, very informative. Its nice to know what should be done! However I have never seen an engineer up on the roof to check the terminal!

18:22 PM, 22nd March 2013, About 9 years ago

he should have given you the option of signing the 'At Risk' notice, and then could have left the gas on

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