EPC cavity wall insulation?

EPC cavity wall insulation?

16:05 PM, 2nd November 2022, About A year ago 6

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Hello, I hope someone can advise, appreciated if so.

We have a nightmare of a freeholder. We recently had one of our flats have an EPC certification. The main improvement to bring it to where it needs to be (c) was having Cavity wall insulation

So, if I write to the freeholder and he does the following, what should I do?

1. Refuses permission

2. Doesn’t even bother to reply


I think quite a few leaseholders may have this issue forthcoming so will be interesting to see the replies..

Thank you all.


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Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

12:44 PM, 3rd November 2022, About A year ago

I would check your lease agreement first but at end of day get on and insulate the wall. It should cost too much.
There may be a sustainable warm home grant available from your local council.

K Anon

13:07 PM, 3rd November 2022, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Pete England - PaTMa Property Management at 03/11/2022 - 12:44
he can't, he's leaseholder in flat so if went off and did it he would be in all sorts of trouble.
Looking fwd to replies, we have same issue, freeholder/management co very difficult.


13:19 PM, 3rd November 2022, About A year ago

Be very careful Pete, since as the freeholder it is his call. If you go ahead and just do it, he could have it removed (an expensive process) and pass it onto you. I have investigated this previously from both angles, one wearing a freeholder hat, and one a leaseholder. So check your lease and be very careful.


14:04 PM, 3rd November 2022, About A year ago

Try lobbying the owners of the other flats, so that you can write a joint letter to the freeholder. Any other landlord owners should be keen to join you.
Check your lease to confirm freeholder's obligations - they may push back on the basis that it's an improvement and therefore not permitted. If so, you can use this to show energy assessor and if necessary claim exemption.
If freeholder fails to engage, you probably need to leasehold advice service and possibly FTT.
If all leaseholders want the improvement, you could request an addendum to the leases to permit energy saving works.
Longer term, if the freeholder is not engaging and other leaseholders are willing, you could set up a right to manage company, or buy out the freeholder.

N Locksley

14:43 PM, 3rd November 2022, About A year ago

As the others have said, DONT! (not without landlord consent) ....Cavity wall insulation would not fall within any permitted decoration, but would be a structural alteration. Our leases prevent any such work and make it a breach of lease event entitling termination of the lease, so you should only act if the lease allows structural changes without consent of landlord and if you've had legal advice. (Our standard contract requires not just landlords written consent, but detailed plans to be provided to landlord prior to consent).

ALSO Caution should be taken before any decisions are made. Not all properties are suitable and the consequences of installation in an unsuitable property can be devastating not only to the person living in the property, but to the property itself, devaluing it significantly.
See Beware EPC Experts article on https://www.listedbuilding.org/

Jireh Homes

15:57 PM, 4th November 2022, About A year ago

Alternatively do nothing and if and when the MESS is updated to Band C claim exemption and continue to lease with Band D.

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