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Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

8:31 AM, 26th August 2020
About 2 months ago

Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

8:03 AM, 22nd July 2020
About 3 months ago

Electric meters for tenants - card pre-pay or smart?

I've never used them, but it may be worth talking to It could give you as the landlord more options with your utilities.
Utilita are one company that does prepay smart meters with a better rate than the big six.
Can you really force a tenant to put replace the meter at the of the tenancy? I would be interested to hear if anyone has been successful in doing this..... Read More

Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

8:47 AM, 28th June 2020
About 4 months ago

Adult child needs to apply for ESA - UC shift?

We believe the answer is Yes, but get the tenant to contact citizen advice to do a benefits check before they do a UC claim. Once the process is started they is no way back.... Read More

Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

14:45 PM, 21st April 2020
About 6 months ago

Shock electricity bill for void period?

Surely when the previous Tenant left the premise, the agent confirmed the reading. We do this on the inventory by using You should then get charged about 25p per day per service and very few units unless the power is not switched until the next tenant moves in. Energy companies do get their billing wrong and tenants also supply incorrect readings, but a bill for £720 is a whole years power charge when occupied so its worth querying with the agent and following up with the energy company.... Read More

Pete England - PaTMa Property Management

10:13 AM, 26th March 2020
About 7 months ago

PLC's pushing small landlords over the edge

I seem to remember there is a law which stops a plc or large business holding back or late paying small business. I suggest you contact legal advice on this one.... Read More