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Wednesday 6th October 2021

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K Anon

22:57 PM, 6th October 2021, About 2 months ago

Unless 3 x the deposit is more than the small claims limit the Part 36 offer is a bluff

Our tenant (a 'desperate' single mum who said she needed a break) took us to court, a benefits / DSS tenant so deeper pockets/legal representation then we could ever match.
She got awarded 1.5x (£1500) deposit for a deposit she didn't even pay, it was council rent deposit scheme which we had all sorts of problems trying to lodge. Our legal costs defending this claim £3.5k, her no win no fee solicitor costs £8.5k. Beware of the traps, if you can settle early you should.... Read More

K Anon

22:49 PM, 6th October 2021, About 2 months ago

End 5 week UC wait and pay housing element directly to landlords

I have applied 11 times but the loop holes to avoid UC being paid directly are exasperating. Over 3 months arrears.... Read More