Charity begins with a home?

Charity begins with a home?

13:10 PM, 14th December 2022, About 10 months ago 6

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Hello, How about rather than LL’s setting up a charity [see ‘Landlords for homelessness charity to compete with Shelter and Crisis?‘] we instead set up a not for profit home building company for the low paid and homeless?

We all know the route of the problem is the supply of housing.

Do the job the government failed to do and who then followed that failure by making things even worse with the money grabbing attack on private LL’s.

Thank you,


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Paul Essex

13:12 PM, 14th December 2022, About 10 months ago

Interesting idea but under what model?
I think the shared ownership route would be the lowest risk.


15:11 PM, 14th December 2022, About 10 months ago

Love the idea in principle, but reckon the biggest problem would be with the long-term administration and maintenance (plenty of HAs out there proving that point).

If we could also set up our own housing courts to weed out the troublemakers and scroungers from those geniunely in need, then maybe it would be possible to create a philanthropic system that actually works.

Judith Wordsworth

13:51 PM, 15th December 2022, About 9 months ago

The hoops "we" would have to go through to become a registered charity are huge.
Also isn't this what Housing Associations are ... non profit making charities? If they cannot run their associations and build affordable housing how would you suggest "we" would/could better? Just asking


16:30 PM, 15th December 2022, About 9 months ago

Thanks Paul Raz and Judith for comments, I did just put the idea out there as a sounding board in the hope that someone would be able to make a positive solution to our negative situation, as we are not able to strike, moan or join the incorporated.
I bet a clever property developer out there could do it with help from a pool of LLs investment of which i would be one.
Merry Christmas

Sophie Shermer

16:32 PM, 15th December 2022, About 9 months ago

I like the idea but as other people have commented, it might not be easy to make it work.


19:04 PM, 15th December 2022, About 9 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Judith Wordsworth at 15/12/2022 - 13:51
The sole benefit I can see(apart from the rare positive PR for LLs) is that it wouldn't depend on set government stipends...that is IF you can get some rich philanthropists on board to support the setup costs. Can anyone tell me the maximum a LL can claim against "charitable donations"?

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