Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

15:15 PM, 28th September 2012, About 12 years ago 2

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Who runs The GOOD Landlords Campaign?

At the moment the campaign is run by Mark Alexander, founder of In due course a committee of volunteers will be appointed to form a steering committee with a view to running the campaign as a not for profit organisation, probably as a company limited by guarantee.

What will the Sponsorship money be used for?

All money raised in the form of sponsorships will be reinvested back into the promotion of the campaign.

Will The GOOD Landlords Campaign have its own website?

Yes, subject to raising enough money a website will be created so that sponsors can each have their own profile page which tenants will be able to find via search engines.

What is the long term vision of The GOOD Landlords Campaign?

The long term vision is awareness and for tenants to know to look for sponsors.

Will The GOOD Landlords Campaign lobby for landlords rights?

Yes, it is likely that the campaign will use its resources to combine with landlord associations and other organisations to lobby for the rights of landlords. Significant interest has been expressed in simplifying possession procedures for tenants who do not respect the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Is The GOOD Landlords Campaign affiliated to a Landlords Association?

It is not a requirement for Sponsors of The GOOD Landlords Campaign to join a landlords association but we do encourage sponsors to join at least one and also to become an accredited landlord. The GOOD Landlords Campaign is entirely independent and has no allegiances to any particular landlords association.

If I become a Sponsor of The GOOD Landlords Campaign am I compelled to offer a “deed of assurance” to all tenants?

No landlord who chooses to sponsor The GOOD Landlords campaign will be compelled to offer a “deed of assurance”. A key point here is that both Landlords and Tenants will have the choice. Landlords may choose never to offer a “deed of assurance” but still be supportive of the principles of The GOOD Landlords Campaign.

What terms do you suggest?

This really depends upon a tenants stated requirements and demand for your property. Most established landlords recognise a strategy of advertising a property at slightly below the market rental value in order to attract as many interested parties as possible and have their pick of good tenant prospects. Where a longer term tenancy would suit both landlord and  tenant you might wish to suggest that you will offer a “deed of assurance” for say five years and a rebate of five times the rental deposit if you service notice within that time-scale. You could just as easily offer three, seven or 10 years and a matching refund of rental deposit. There is nothing to stop you mixing and matching though, remember, it is a negotiation, e.g. a 10 year “deed of assurance” with a five times deposit refund if you serve notice within that time-scale.  Also remember that the negotiation works both ways. Therefore, you may wish to ask your prospective tenants to match your commitment with a premium from them. As an example, if you are advertising a property at a rent of £750 pcm and your tenant wants a five year commitment from you with a five times deposit refund commitment if you serve notice within that time-scale you may wish to balance that by charging a premium of say £62.50 pcm, i.e. £750 deposit multiplied by five months refund commitment made by you = £3,750 divided by 60 months = the premium payable by them of £62.50 pcm.

When You Become A Sponsor

You will receive a welcome email with the following attachments:-

  • The GOOD Landlords Campaign badge as shown above for use on your stationery
  • Code for The GOOD Landlords Campaign badge so that you can use it on your website
  • The “deed of assurance” template.
The minimum donation to become a Sponsor of The GOOD Landlords Campaign is currently £50. There are no ongoing membership fees.

To Sponsor The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Click Here to Sponsor The GOOD Landlords CampaignThe GOOD Landlords Campaign


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13:31 PM, 16th November 2012, About 12 years ago

Hi Mark,
I was reading up onsection 21 notices and came across a posting from Mary Latham from 9 months ago '' how to get rid of my bad tenant'' She advises to serve a sec21, 3 months into the tenancy so you can get legal vacant possesion, and says the sec 21 has no expiry date.
If I did this and the 6 month AST rolled over to a periodic how do I get the tenant out after say 10 months. The sec 21 has a date stated at the end of the 6 month tenancy, but I now want possesion after 10 months. Do i just write them a letter saying they have 2 months notice?
if the property is 90 miles away does the letter ( or new 21) have to be recorded delivery, first class post, or first class and emailed to the tenant?
What happens if the tenant does not move? You can see my posting as it askes more question under Mary's post listed above.
I posted on Mary's post but as it was listed as 1 day ago in the 9 month ago section, it probably would not be seen. Would have thought it would go to the top.
Although I have been a landlord for 10 years and now have 5 properties I have neve had to give notice of eviction. Most tenants stay 3-4 years then move on for various reason. My very first property the tenant stayed for 8 years then had to move to a bungalow as they found it more dificult with the stairs.
Kind regards

Mary Latham

17:51 PM, 16th November 2012, About 12 years ago

Hi Recardo I have posted my replies here
Follow me on Twitter @landlordtweets

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