You do not know me!

by Readers Question

13:32 PM, 28th November 2018
About 6 months ago

You do not know me!

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You do not know me!

Readers letter to MPs:

In my opinion some of you if not all, who are pushing for all new laws like scraping section 21, bringing in 3 year tenancy, all the fines, tenant to be given free solicitors to sue the landlords, etc, etc. You are inciting hatred/stiring up hatred against landlords.

Landlords were called “Bastards” by the Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth and he is supposed to set an example. Shame on him and the lot of you for doing all this, just so you can become popular, your name can be written in History books, you can win votes. This is all in self interest. Not in nations interest.

There are always two sides to the story

By bringing in unnecessary legislation to achieve your means of draining the last pence out of us to fill the holes where you have not budgeted properly, win your self votes and popularity, it is disgusting and abuse of power.

Why do you want to call me a bastard? You don’t know me. My parents were married before I was born

The 2nd meaning of a bastard is that I am an unpleasant or despicable person. Again you can not say that about me, you don’t know me.

For your information I have been doing this job for last 30 years. I also worked at three other jobs at the same time so I could fulfill my commitments to the lender every month at the time of Mrs Thatcher when the interest rates were in double figures. My husband and I also supported our two little children without ANY HELP/HANDOUTS from the government.

We had very bad experiences and had gone through hell but we continued without ANY HELP and Handouts from the government.

We thought we will work hard/slog/ go without holidays/social life/new gadgets/clothes/etc now whilst we are young so we can build security for ourselves when we are older/retired.

What have you guys done, pulled the rug under our feet by bringing in Section 24. Grossly unfair. We are overtaxed to pay for whom?

Lazy, dishonest, criminals, fraudsters of the tenants who not only don’t want to work, but want to produce kids and expect my family to pay for them. Hello who paid for my children?

If that is not enough the lying tenants fabricate stories and drag us in the courts, they get free solicitors and we have to re-mortgage our house or to sell a property to pay for the legal costs.

What about all those tenants that intentionally go out of their way to give landlords false referencing with the intention of not paying the rent and staying in the property for as long as possible or damage a property which is costing landlords many £1000s. Landlords facing financial ruin because of this.

Who fabricates the stories? The tenants. Who does not pay the rents? The tenants? Who damages the place? The tenants? Who does the judge believe? The tenants. Why?

Because people like you say nasty things about Landlords  and bring in unnecessary legislation/s, media pick up on it and it’s “Wow” such and such has put this bill forward.

You are taxing us to death, we are the highest taxpayers. If that was not enough, for a trivial oversight you want to fine us £30,000 and make us criminal? You want the rent back for 12 months?  It should be enough we protect the deposit but a trivial mistake in paperwork where it is not even detrimental to the tenant, the judge has to either award the money or/and stop LL getting the possession back.

For example one landlord gave Prescribed information, tenant agreed however because the LL’s signature was not witnessed it was thrown out even though there was no determent to the tenant. So now Landlord is stuck, can not get him out, tenant is not paying rent, living rent free. How fair is this?

Why are the Judges doing this? You are passing the legislation where the poor judge has no say in it and another reason because you have incited the hatred against the landlords. So even when the LL are telling the truth the judges are more likely to take the tenants sides because of all these horror stories Karen Buck says people in her area have experienced. Has Karen ever gone in depth to find out what the reality is? NO NO NO. Just because we LL don’t run to our MP’s when the tenant has stopped paying us rent, or/and damaged the property it does not mean it’s not happening. In fact LL have been abused more than tenants.

There are more bad tenants than LL. Most LL are good, we look after our tenants as well as our properties because it is in our interest to keep good tenants as long as possible and our properties in good repair for financial reasons. But it will not continue the same way. Why? Because of you people bring in more and more burdens and one day we’ll say “enough is enough”. Leave the sector all together like it happened previously when there was protected tenancy and regulated rent.

All I can say that the system is, for you people to win votes and everything for your self interest. There is no national interest or level playing field 

Why don’t you apply the same rules for tenants? Then these questions would not arise.LL have tenants who stop paying rents, damage the property, antisocial behavior, assault LL, claim HB and other disabled benefits by pretending at the assessment, start crying, play acting in front of the medical team saying I was tortured in my country when I was young, I have flashbacks,etc etc.

And you know what? The tenant’s team of medical professionals write to the benefit people/DWP and blue badge department and the housing department saying

” Mr xx has significant struggle with both his mental and physical health. He meets criteria for post traumatic stress disorder to his reported traumas associated with his experiences of being detained and tortured in xxx over one year period as well traumatic events he experienced as a child. He also displays many trauma symptoms related to his x wife and baby. He also suffers major depressive disorder and is significantly socially isolated a result of his his symptoms.”

What is all this garbage? Did the medical professionals opened his brain to see if this was real? Did the Professional team  make any checks in his country to see if he was ever detained ?  The professional team write down (the play acting by the tenant) what they see for 20 mins and the story the patient/tenant give them. Professional team then gives him prescription, support of a social worker, support his application for disabled badge, housing, benefits and DWP benefits. What a joke.

The tenant of-course makes sure he doesn’t take the medicines and continues regularly to go to his professional team. A couple of days before the visit of his social worker or appointment with the medical team he does not shave or bathe and wears scruffy clothes so he can play the part in front of his professionals. They are cunning, 100 steps ahead, they have game plan. The medical professional team don’t see this because it is a short visit, 7 minutes for the GP , it is very easy to act for short periods. However the neighbors see them walking, jumping, leading a social normal life, LL get to know a lot about their tenants from the neighbors, LL also have cctv.

Then the tenant gets Environment involved saying the flat has damp, there is a drain smell, he can’t open windows, there are bars on the window, he lives in the basement, it’s dark, even in summer it’s cold. Then he says in a little mouse’s voice crying to to his professional team that  all these things remind him of when he was detained in prison. Please can you support my application to be moved.(However when this same tenant speaks to the Landlords they speak like Lions.)

These tenants are the criminals.

Who pays for free medications that he throws away? Who pays for the social worker when not needed? Who pays for medical team when not needed? Who pays for his legal aid? Who pays for his FREE accommodation? Who pays for his council tax? Who pays his £300.00 per week benefit spending money?

Hard working tax paying LL and their families. Both my children leave home at 7.30 am and get back home between 7 and 8 pm. Is this fair?

Instead of appreciating a beautiful flat in central London, RENT FREE, COUNCIL TAX FREE, getting over £300 a week FREE spending money  (Karen Buck this is for you) Tenants are still not satisfied, they want to bleed the LL of every penny including putting a charge on the property till LL pays the compensation awarded by the Judge.

How did the tenant managed to get such a large compensation from the judge? By being dis-honest, play acting that he is the victim here,not allowing access to the landlord to inspect or carry out repairs, by producing back dated letters made up at the last minute and of course not forgetting no win, no fee and/or legal aid solicitor putting even more ideas in tenant’s head. These are criminals not LL.

Tenant throws water on the walls a couple of days before EO is supposed to visit. Tenants don’t allow access for this reason they have a game plan. They deliberately block the toilet/bath to show the EO what a nasty LL he/she is. The tenant will say I have asked my landlord so many times but he/she doesn’t repair. They drain the water out of the boiler and show to EO that their heating has not been working for days. The tenants gets compensation awarded for leaving without heat and hot water. EO are not technical in boiler repairs. They have to write down what they see at the time of visit.

Tenant produces back dated letters which he has never posted. If LL ever goes to the property Tenant calls up the police screaming harassment and takes injunction against the LL coming any where near the property.

These are criminal tenants.

It is the tenants who have the upper hand, if they feel like it, they will pay the rent, if you ask for it whether in person,by phone,text or email, they claim the LL is harassing them and go to the likes of shelter who arranges no win,no fee or/and legal aid solicitors. Tenants have nothing to lose but for LL even to defend made up cases like these cost a lot of time and money.

This is  retaliatory behavior from tenant side because LL asked for legally due rent. Why don’t you pass a bill to stop this? If tenant is in arrears they can not bring a defense claim against the LL?

It should be made a law once section 8 or 21 served the tenant can not raise new complaints about repairs just to stop/postpone the case.

It should be made law once section 8 served for rent arrears they can not top up little money to be less than 8 weeks. They can pay the money but it has to be in full to stop the case.

The tenant should not be allowed legal aid for eviction cases.

If you walk out of a shop without paying for an item, it’s a criminal offense, so what is the difference when they don’t pay the rent? This should be a criminal offence.

If they damage someone’s car or anything else, it’s a criminal damage, so why is it not a criminal damage when they smash up my rented place to them?

If LL are prohibited from renting due their offenses than it should be the same for tenants, not allowed to rent and there should be a register.

Surely all of you can use common sense, why would a LL evict a good tenant who pays the rent on time, looks after the place? It cost time money to LL to find another tenant (redecoration, new bed, inventory, advertising, etc,etc)

I am prepared to meet up with who ever and what I have said about tenant’s behavior are real cases known to me personally.

I could go on and on and on. But I have had enough.




Chris Daniel

16:17 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

We are less that half the cost of landlord Action !
( just not on T.V, yet -)

Old Mrs Landlord

17:50 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 01/12/2018 - 16:17
Chris, please do not feel slighted, I did say "or a similar firm". L.A. was the first name that came to mind, quite possibly because of TV profile. Let me be clear: I have no personal experience of any eviction companies and was only recommending a course of action, not a particular firm.

Chris Daniel

18:02 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

No slight taken Old Mrs
( I'm sure your not Old either, so no slight intended 😉

paul landlord

19:08 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Larry Sweeney at 01/12/2018 - 13:39
Hi Larry.
I read and have read 118 everyday for years but rarely comment.

But I wrote that comment in haste after being so incensed by the commentator who accused YOU of making landlords lives more difficult and undoing the good work the RLA was doing on our behalf (not sure what fairy tale world their living in).

My apologies if it wasn't word perfect but my hope was a that people would get the idea.

As for joining if you look at your records you will see I pledged on day one of announcement and sent my membership fee the day payments opened.

I just wish the fence sitters or those who are just leaving the rest of us to do it for them and reap any benefits (Just as they did when we fought the West Brom) would stand up , put their hand in their pockets (it's a 100 quid for crying out loud nothing like the multi thousands we had to risk when fighting West Brom) and join even if they not 100% in agreement with everything that's said and done.

Yes mistakes will be made and in hindsight there will always be occasions when things could have been done better.

But I take my hat off to you for having the b*lls and commitment to do this and I say to people 'get behind us as the alliance'. At the end of the day the way I see it we got everything to gain and nothing to lose. And if people are waiting for NLA and RLA to rescue us I say 'take your head out of your backsides' it's obvious which side NLA/RLA feel their bread is buttered on and it ain't their members!! The only people that are going to rescue us in the PRS is us in the PRS.

Plain speaking. I don't seem to offend anyone but it's the way I work and if the cap fits anyone..... then take offence!!


19:24 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

Indeed with this nasty piece of tenant, I will probably not take a chance going it alone, I will most probably hire a lawyer to deal with the court case, just in case he tried to defend, and I cannot afford to lose, because he would then laugh in my face, the other day I visited my place, all other tenants were jolly and discussing and trying to set a new face book account for another tenant whom I moved in that abandoned room, we were all having a laugh and joking when this nasty piece of works came out of his room, saw us all happy, he went back in and slammed the room door so hard! He cannot stand anyone being happy and has slowly taken over some of the common areas over with his own furniture and drawers and in the garden he has brought in an old table and chairs and won't let anyone else use it, this new tenant I took in told me how he told him not to use the garden shed for smoking whilst I allowed everyone to use it when raining, as I have no indoor smoking policy anywhere, my other tenants do not smoke, I smoke even I am not allowed by my own rules to smoke indoors. But after I got my property license (HMO) I told him there is a No Smoking rule from now on especially in the common parts of the property and no one should smoke indoors, but I caught him and his partner many times after that still smoking in the kitchen.
he will not dispose of rubbish properly, mix recycle material with kitchen waste, wash his work overalls full of paint and other stuff more or less daily, brings in long double ladders through the house around tight bends, that has caused excessive marks and deep gauges on my new door frames I put in when doing my refurb. When he lived for free, I had given him explicit rules regarding causing any damage to my property, and had told him that he could not bring his great big 3 foot wide satellite dish which he had at his old address, but luckily I caught him just in time when he had an engineer up on my roof trying to bolt such huge white colour dish on to my chimney stack! I told the engineer to take it down as he did not get my permission in writing and such a large dish is not allowed, only the normal sky approved small black dishes are OK provided they are installed in an appropriate place without damaging the property.
I do need a good lawyer for sure. and I will be lying if I said I am not scared of him for my life, and that of my partner, I am really scared inside just pretending to be brave to face him.

Old Mrs Landlord

22:36 PM, 1st December 2018
About 6 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 01/12/2018 - 18:02Glad to hear it. (And far be it from me to shatter your illusions about my senescence - let's just say I'm not yet 80.)

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