Will rents keep rising?

Will rents keep rising?

9:08 AM, 12th March 2024, About 3 months ago 3

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Join Ranjan Bhattacharya as he delves into the burning question of 2024: Will rents on buy-to-let properties continue their upward trajectory?

In this video, he dissects the factors driving the increase in rents and provides valuable insights into the evolving rental market landscape. From supply and demand dynamics to economic trends, he unravels the complexities shaping rental prices in the buy-to-let sector.

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Paul Essex

16:12 PM, 12th March 2024, About 3 months ago

The average rent will continue to rise as low rent properties become financially unsustainable and leave the market.

Cider Drinker

18:53 PM, 12th March 2024, About 2 months ago

My rents have been held for quite a few years.

This year, one has risen by 15% and another will follow suit. A third is fixed until next year but will rise by 10%. Another is costing ££c to put right after the tenant left and it will be sold.

It’s time to encourage the tenants to leave.

Michael Booth

7:02 AM, 13th March 2024, About 2 months ago

Simple answer is yes , has councils intro selective licencing this cost passed on to tenants, ever increasing taxation legislation cost passed onto tenants, like all the above these people use the usual excuses to increase costs to landlord the same is the landlords will pass these costs on to tenant.

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