This is what’s happening to your money

by Readers Question

3 weeks ago

This is what’s happening to your money

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This is what’s happening to your money

Dear Chancellor,

Thank you for your email asking for my support in the local government elections.

Unfortunately having been a Conservative Party voter for 40 years I can no longer support it. Either locally or nationally. I can’t bring myself to vote Labour either. In fact I feel quite marginalised as a voter these days.

Why is this? Your party’s blatant attacks on the private rental sector. Section 24, stamp duty increases, letting agent fee ban , turning landlords into pariah’s to name but a few. All to attract the 4 million votes of Generation Rent. The law of unintended consequences means that as demand increases, supply has reduced as landlords leave the sector. Leading to increased rents. A local landlord has informed me recently of his intention to dispose of his entire portfolio of 13 properties. Thirteen people who cannot afford to buy or like the flexibility that renting brings will need to find somewhere else to live.  The same people you think you are are helping are being hit hardest. Well done.

In addition you have alienated and lost the 2.5 million plus votes of landlords and the wider property profession. A bird in the hand being worth more than two in the bush springs to mind.

If the maths work out  then you would be roughly 1.5 million votes up. I hope it does. But my wifes vote, mine, and that of my family will not be in that total.


A Very Disillusioned Ex Conservative Party Voter.


LordOf TheManor

3 weeks ago

Won't be getting a vote out of me, either. I've been politically 'homeless' for a while now. Dates back to ex-Chancellor Osborne days..........

Gilly Osborne

2 weeks ago

Yes, I’ve also been politically rudderless since Osborne. I find Hammond charmless, smug and unable and unwilling to listen, his sole purpose being to rake in money which we then send abroad (in huge amounts) to purposes which very few can understand or explain.

Obviously, as has been reported, the Treasury has benefited greatly from S24 and the new CGT rules, nothing of any consequence is ever going to change. From an entirely gloom filled personal point of view “we’re doomed Mr Mannering”, and I’ve had enough of now and after 18 years, I’m selling up.

Steven Scandrett

2 weeks ago

I have also decided not to vote in the future. I am also selling my first property the first to become vacant and will continue to do so.

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