The Council has no workers?

The Council has no workers?

13:23 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 years ago 5

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My neighbour is a council tenant and is not the best neighbour it is possible to have. Her children have made the fence fall down and that has taken my tenant’s privacy.

The fence belongs to the council and as such declined me from putting it back up as it is considered as council’s land.

It is two months since this incident and although the council has agreed to replace the fence, I chased it today with their repair and I was told, they have not placed the order yet because they have no workers to carry out the work.

I can’t get my own contractor and they don’t have a contractor to carry the work.

What do I do?

Anyone, know which way do I go?


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Graham Bowcock

13:36 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 years ago

Hi Judy

There's probably not a lot you can do. There's no general obligation for anyone to have a boundary fence, so they don't need to erect one if they don't want to (or can't for some reason).

At my houses, I like to keep things in order and often end up replacing fences that aren't mine, or are shared.

It has been difficult to get fencing done lately - at one point Travis Perkins (my regular supplier) could not provide standard panels from any of their local branches (we had bad storms before Christmas).

You could put a fence up on your side, or just replace the boundary fence, but your legal remedies aren't really going to help.

Luke P

13:49 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 years ago

Put one up yourself just inside your boundary. Concrete posts (on their side and the 'good' side facing inwards to you).

Jo Westlake

14:36 PM, 6th May 2022, About 2 years ago

You're lucky in one respect the council have admitted the fence is theirs.
One of my flats had the dividing fence come down between it and the council owned flat next door and when I asked the council if it was theirs or mine they said it wasn't up to them to sort out. It was up to the tenants!
Have you asked if they will pay for it if you organise the replacement? Not ideal but it might get the job done. However, you've already said neither of you can get a contractor.

Reluctant Landlord

7:45 AM, 7th May 2022, About 2 years ago

sit tight and keep banging on to the council about it. They said its theirs and you have proof they said they would sort it out.
I wouldn't consider doing anything else at all. If you do put something up who's to say the neighbours kids wont trash that then you have to replace to at your cost again.
If your tenant keeps on at you, copy them into the email showing you are chasing the council. They can see you are doing what you can and its not your fence or responsibility.

Darren Peters

8:23 AM, 7th May 2022, About 2 years ago

If you put your own fence up on your land, consider painting the side facing the neighbour with anti-climb paint with suitable warning signs (usually included with the paint).

The kids will either be made keep away or if they can't control themselves, the neighbour will be very incentivised to chase the council

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