Thanks to the only accepted hate campaign in the UK

Thanks to the only accepted hate campaign in the UK

14:35 PM, 26th April 2018, About 6 years ago 7

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Thanks to the only accepted hate campaign in the UK, landlords are forced to take emergency steps or leave the market NOW.

Section 24 (introduced by our tenant friendly Einstein, George Osbourne) forces landlords to pay tax on their mortgage interest payments, yes money they paid as a legitimate cost of doing business and supplying housing to people who choose to rent or can’t afford to own yet. But big landlords won’t have to do this, why? I don’t know, but probably to take smaller landlords out of the market so rents rise and the big landlords can charge more because the sector is losing rentable houses at an extraordinary rate.

Its a bit like charging Taxi Drivers tax not on just their profits, which is normal throughout the world, but to also charge them tax at 40% on all of their expenses, fuel, car payments servicing, yes they’d be out of business in 2 weeks or so because no one can afford to pay tax on money that isn’t theirs, in their bank or profit as its known.

So what happens when landlords are faced with this? 

  1. Rents go up to try to pay for demands from the Government – Result Families are asked to pay more rent as the money must come from somewhere – those who can’t afford it are left homeless
  2. Landlords sell their properties to save bankruptcy and tenants are evicted and are left homeless
  3. Landlord can’t sell the portfolio as there isn’t anyone prepared to pay enough to cover the mortgages – landlord is bankrupted and all tenants are evicted and homeless
  4. The landlord has millions in his bank account and pays these ridiculous taxes despite making a huge loss for years and tenants get to stay forever – (just joking folks).

The losers are Tenants (and landlords), most or all tenants are pushed to pay more rent or leave. This is because the Governments pernicious legislation, a tax on income targeted ONLY at the private landlord (because we are horrible people apparently), this is forcing rents to rise to unheard of levels (and they blame landlords in the press).

Landlords can’t afford to pay for endless fees for a plethora of legislation as all of their money comes from tenants. And the government despite their waffle don’t care about tenants.

Only landlords care about tenants, because tenants provide the rent to keep their business going, and that is why the vast majority of landlords and tenants get along very well and honour each others commitments, as they need each other. The rogues are a very small number but the councils are to bloody useless to deal with them, its easier to blame landlords than do what your paid to do?

Distraction distortion deflection!


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Michael Holmes

19:44 PM, 26th April 2018, About 6 years ago

I see that the Government have created a new Rogue
Landlord designation and begun the process of formalising this in legislation. I don’t know what the consensus is amongst everybody subscribing to this forum, but as far as I am concerned, this is nothing but discrimination, pure and simple. I think it is time to fight this tooth and nail. Where is the legislation for Rogue Tenants? Until this is brought in, We should start proceedings under the Human Rights Act.

Ali Asgur

10:51 AM, 27th April 2018, About 6 years ago

I thought they did a U turn on the large landlord exemption? (14+ properties from what I recall)


14:11 PM, 27th April 2018, About 6 years ago

Wouldn't it be nice if the government were to set up a web site for tenants who would like to praise their landlords?
If they took the time to find out that 95+% of private tenants were happy with their landlord and housing, would they still come after us, you bet they will.
Had a tenant who started with a 1 year AST 10 years ago she phoned me yesterday to give a months notice as she is finding the 1 flight of stairs to her 2 bed flat becoming difficult.
Rental period from 21st. notice by phone yesterday on 26th and would like to leave on 1st June.

No problem I told her, the notice should to me should be revived in writing before 21 of May, you should pay the rent for May and you can leave on 20th or June.
Never mind I said you can leave without any further payment.
That would not make the papers would it, as we are supposed to be greedy money grabbing landlords, who don't care about our tenants.
All my tenants after her were signed on to a 6 month tenancy, they have now stayed on for between 2-6 years and still remain, WITH no rent increase. So much for government saying we should give longer tenancies., and doing away with Sec 21. Why do they not understand that good tenants do not get given a section 21 without good reason.
I may have to give some out this year thanks to Sec 21 as just done my tax return and have to pay nearly a £1000 more in tax on money paid to Mortgage suppliers, as a bright spark thinks it was rental income so is all profit.
Sold 1 last October parents with 4 kids living there for 7 years. started with a 1 year AST, 5 more properties to sell .
Well done government. Anyone is a target for these no nothing b*******, was Windrush common sense? Sack the lot of them, vote for Mark

Dr Rosalind Beck

15:18 PM, 27th April 2018, About 6 years ago

Yes, the whole thing is a disgrace. What has always made me wonder is why they should exempt holiday lets - which provide non-essential housing to people who already have a roof over their heads - and penalised those of us who provide people's essential housing - with many landlords specialising in housing the riskier low-paid tenants and those with drug or alcohol dependency etc. The latter are the ones who are going to be made homeless by Section 24 first.

I also agree that this is the only legitimised hate campaign in the country. I would like to see a law which outlawed discrimination against groups, which would include occupational groups. If that were law then the despicable and libellous drivel published by the Guardian last week would not see the light of day. As it is, when this is allowed it pollutes the atmosphere even more and further legitimises the ridiculous, populist and far left policy on the PRS currently being pursued by the Government.

Michael Holmes

17:17 PM, 29th April 2018, About 6 years ago

Further to my last little diatribe, I am wondering if the Govt. can be brought to book on the grounds that they are ignoring GAAR big-time by introducing Section 24. If no other business is so penalised, then we have a case to go forward to the Court of Appeal or whatever department we can find that deals with this sort of case, surely?

Dr Rosalind Beck

21:36 PM, 29th April 2018, About 6 years ago

This was what Brendan Cox tweeted:


Fascism in Europe never starts with mass killings, it starts with the normalisation of hatred.

Mick Roberts

7:32 AM, 30th April 2018, About 6 years ago

You seem to about summed it up.

More they put on us, the harder it becomes for tenant too.
Tenant moans, Govt & Councils attack us more, again the tenant pays more & gets harder for him to.

Make it easy for us within law, we make it easier for tenant. They win.

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