Tenant refusing to leave and give electrician access?

Tenant refusing to leave and give electrician access?

14:02 PM, 22nd November 2021, About A week ago 5

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A difficult family is refusing to leave after a S21 and issued court proceedings and waiting for their response to see if they file a defence.

I need the EICR certificate, and they won’t let the electrician upgrade the rewire as this is inconvenience for them. They don’t reply to my emails and when I call them about their moving out situation they say I am humiliating and harassing them.

I have offered help and support and alternative accommodation, but they have refused.

They own their own property in a different city and have rented it out. The wife works. They have limited companies set up and are in receipt of universal credit.

They are buying £420k property in their children’s name via payslips made from the company. They have never paid their rent on time.

They put a large dog in the garden last April and refused to move it. Garden is destroyed.

They have told the neighbours that they are not leaving and are suing me for damp and harassment.

Please help



by Girish mehta

14:24 PM, 22nd November 2021, About A week ago

Take proper legal advice. Try landloard action you may have to go to courts for eviction.
If you don’t then you could face fine
No win situation. Good luck

by No hate plz

16:24 PM, 22nd November 2021, About A week ago

Needs passing to an eviction company. They will do all the paperwork and got to court on your behalf for the possession hearing.

by Suresh Parikh

17:47 PM, 22nd November 2021, About A week ago

Check the dates when an EICR became mandatory for an existing tenant and a new tenant.
Which regime do you fall under?
Did you comply?
The above are the questions to ask yourself.
You will have to spend some money and seek proper paid for advice.
Good luck.

by SimonP

18:26 PM, 26th November 2021, About 6 days ago

First of all, I am assuming that the children are not minors, since 18 is the minimum age required to legally own land or property in the UK.

Then I'd look at the company accounts, which are freely available online from Companies House, and see what was paid out by way of salaries and wages. Then raise a query with HMRC if you think that the payslips are bogus and that the company has not really paid those children anything at all: that's called fraud.

by Jessie Jones

12:24 PM, 27th November 2021, About 5 days ago

Don't try and handle this yourself. Eviction is a difficult process, fraught with dangers for the landlord and loopholes for the tenants to explore.
Use an experienced eviction company.
You will get your property back, but it may take time and quite a bit of expense.
If the tenants won't let you or your contractor into the building then you won't get into trouble or get successfully sued.
Your tenants are clearly experienced at playing the system, so use professionals to have them removed.

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